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the hidden hurts – part 1

By Kate Job-Wota

“I know I have done the worst thing, yes, anyone can criticize me for all I have done, but no one should judge me. The Plasma television cost him about three hundred and fifty thousand Naira, which of course is a huge sum of money but the woman to whose face he planted those heavy blows means a lot to me too. So, we just finished a “one-is-to-one-game, father versus daughter,” Manuchi nagged.

Ufuoma’s “hello! Good morning” interrupted her thoughts.

“Hey! Good morning,” she replied.

“Why were you so lost in thought like a lonely inamorata?” Ufuoma asked. “Do you know I could have easily stolen something?” She added.

“Have you done your assignment on creative writing?” Manuchi asked

“No I haven’t,” Ufuoma answered like a dying goat struggling to produce the ‘mmee’ sound.

“What have you been waiting for?” Manuchi asked again as she tried to make an adjustment for her friend, who rarely visits, rather appears when gossips are at the tip of her tongue. Ufuoma looked at her friend with hostility and said finally,

“Listen, Manuchi, I didn’t come to your house to be interrogated, I only came to say ‘hi’; why all these questions? You should have known my problems with this course, I just can’t imagine being creative in writing. Besides, that’s why I am still in this dirty relationship with Sampson,” she explained.

“Does that mean he will be doing the assignment for you again?” Manuchi asked.

“Of course yes,” Ufuoma snapped.

“Why did you tag your relationship with Sampson dirty?” Manuchi questioned.

“Sampson is synonymous with cookie; he would request for all the qualities that present me a woman before he renders any assistance to me. In fact, he prefers me nude all through the assignment period,” she said disgustingly.

“Men and sex!” Manuchi’s inner mind screamed, she managed to calmly ask, What about Sophia?”

“Ah! Sophia? Sophia went to clean up the mess her boyfriend deposited in her,” Ufuoma said.

“Why? What happened?” Manuchi asked surveying her friend’s face in search of  explanations.

“Hmm,” Ufuoma took a deep breath, looked around to confirm privacy, and then whispered to her friend that Sophia was confirmed pregnant.

“Haba!” Manuchi snarled.

“Yes! That was what she told me on the phone,” she replied.

“And her boyfriend?” Manuchi asked.

“That one?” Ufuoma replied  with feigned disgust, “he is nowhere to be found.”

“God of my mother!” Manuchi lamented. “Have you seen what I always advised against? But you wouldn’t listen; you would rather prefer an experience before you learn your lessons. Men are synonymous with sex, I still remember telling you and Sophia about this saying, ‘sex without Condom is magical, because a baby appears and the father disappears’.”

“Save me that sermon,” Ufuoma interrupted. “I have told you that this feminism that has invaded your mind will do you more harm than good because it’s already driving you crazy. I beg to take my leave, see you tomorrow in school.”

to be continued…


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6 thoughts on “the hidden hurts – part 1

  1. This is the reality most girls face today thank you my sister for educating and informing the public we need to be better people for the sake of our onborn family and upbringing is the key

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