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societal trend

By Erikan Maurice


The influence of trend on our personality is very significant. It grossly captivates the audience’s taste, since it announces itself with unacquainted or rather an embellished way of doing things. The influx and varieties of trend these days is alarming and it influences our cultural heritage, fashion, posture and our perception of life while creating a notion that ‘it’ is the more efficient and appealing way to do things than its former concept. Unarguably, most times it strikes the right note but often times than most, it’s usually the wrong one.
Trend can be a positive tool in enhancing simultaneous exchange of meaningful ideas, encouraging creativity and promoting positive self-esteem. However, when it’s not carefully managed, it can also be a negative tool in diminishing moral values or professional ethics. Although it doesn’t impose itself on us, but it gradually engulfs our mindset and colours our perception. Everyone is guilty of flowing with a trend at one point or the other.
Fortunately, life’s dual nature allows us liberty of choice, knowing that everyone bears the consequence of their action. Whenever it feels so right, too good and simple, we should be wary. It would only be rational to carefully analyse a particular trend before adopting it as part of our personality. I say so because truthfully, it will either make or break our status.



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