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reflections of a broken soul

By Amos Joshua 


Love had found us,

Brought us together,

All with no force,

Taken us to the altar.


In hearts void of compromise

We had found each other,

We had made a promise;

To be together forever.


But now, everything’s changed:

Our love has died in sleep,

The slightest joke evoked a rage,

And hatred runs so deep.


We’re battered every bits.

How did we get here?

Once two love birds, now beasts;

We don’t feel or care:


We fight at table,

Over sex…

Veins turned cables.

Yet together, we’ve turned exes:


We no longer kiss at night,

We no longer hug at dawn,

We no longer smile at sight,

Where has our love song gone!


I saw your empty fingers

You no longer wear your ring

If this choking charade lingers

There is no good it would bring


Here, it’s easier to hate,

To say goodbye,

But it isn’t too late

Let’s not let our story this way die:


I want to love again,

Wear off this wrinkles…

Return, reign love’s rain;

Same you, on me once love sprinkles.


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