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water: not same as vodka

You are you. This is the first reality of personal freedom. There can be no freedom until this is grasped, for freedom is not the release from a bond, but the comprehension and expression of one’s allotted nature. Nothing in the positive, nor in alignment with one’s core why, can happen outside the periphery of this reality.

Though living within the common sphere of human existence, you are different. And while it is quite easy to hypothesize what can become of you, on the basis of your similarity in looks or other indices common to the people around you, you would be lying to yourself if you believe anything that suggests you cannot dent the world.

That we are more or less the environment we find ourselves is an obvious lie, though hidden from those who are lazy to probe the authenticity and validity of that which is passed down or taught. Not only is that paradigm farther from the truth, it doesn’t dwell on the same trajectory. With such adoption, you cannot find yourself, let alone truly live or die empty.

To live is to find yourself and bring to the external, the unique nature that spreads within and defines your being. It begins at the point of the realization, adoption and ritualistic practice of this truth: You are different. Anything outside this is merely ephemeral, cannot sustain, let alone aid you become who you are designed to be.

You cannot afford to be lazy within the context of this reality. Laziness is what will rob you of the practical attainment of your possible self; the laziness to validate and ascertain the coherency of what defines your external abode with what decorates your internal space. Those who have been or are lazy to delve within, have ended up with the belief that there is nothing they can do about what becomes of them.

Nothing, again, can be farther from the truth; it runs parallel. It is an excuse that finds its confidence in an existing, but dysfunctional paradigm, highly flawed, and reveals, only the pollution in the character of a person.

Every person that walks the earth has the ability to look within and probe for realities that align with the nature of his or her being. It is in failing to do this, to probe, that one misses out on his or her possibilities. While one creates from within and gets applaud that are worthy, the other adopts from without and becomes just another reference, identical to others.

This ought not so to be since everyone can think differently from the thought matrix that defines their relational landscape. That all else can delve within and create from there except you is therefore a perverted clause. Such thinking makes feeble, creatures originally designed to make things happen, having ended within the claws of unparalleled similarities.

There is nothing wrong in sharing in the similarities of your abode, after all it’s your abode. However, there is greater error in deserting the uniqueness of your being. Similarity does not translate to sameness. Hence, you are different from what defines where you find yourself. You are not only different, you can do, become, or leave nothing intangible until you see, believe and think so.

Such is the calculus of life. It is one that must be solved without aids, but consequence of personal probing, done introspectively, not based on the directives from without. Doing this is akin to climbing a mountain, and there is not a person without a mountain to climb. This is so no one will say, “I was shoved down.” Everyone ought to climb his or her own mountain, not anyone else’s. But how sad it has become for many; whereas they have theirs to climb, they languish at the base of another, striving to be like another.

Such is a false parameter to follow, for none has been sent here to fill another’s gap. And because you are you, it is erroneous to think you should be another. It is this act of neglect that stirs up all earthly revile. Your primary obligation is to yourself, ascertaining the why of your placement within the cosmos. Not how to end the progression of another fellow or despise one whose homework has been properly done. Such should not define you.

I repeat: You are you. You are not others. It will be a misplacement of priority to spend your time comparing yourself with others in lieu of seeking you to find you. Just like water and vodka are similar in that they are both wet and clear, you are only similar to your sphere of abode in as much as similarity can be defined.

Again, water is like vodka; they are both clear and wet. But that ends their similarities. 




A Spiritual Evolutionist and Pro Authentic Thinking and Habit (PATH) Coach, Joseph ITIAT is committed to differentiating minds and integrating right-dimensional paradigms. He can be reached via

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