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how do I tell her that I love her? | save our soul (sos)

Dear Youth Shades,

How do I tell her that I love her?

I’m a young handsome man in my early twenties, well mannered and out spoken in nature, am from the south eastern part of Nigeria, although am usually quiet when with unfamiliar faces. I met this girl recently in my street, I believe she came for a visit or maybe she’s doing her Industrial Training and temporary staying there.

Since I saw her, my dreams have been invaded with her faultless image and my thoughts have been filled with beautiful moments I want to spend with her. I’ve tried on several occasions to clear my head of this emotional turmoil, thinking it will pass but it has become a harsh reality.

On a certain evening, I waited outside my gate, looking out for her, when I saw her coming in a distance, I quickly gulp down the brandy I had in hand and used a quantity of mouthwash to neutralise the alcohol smell before walking up alongside with her. I told her “I wanted to have a word with You” but she said, she was in a haste, even though she said okay, I knew, I’d be at a loss of words.

Most times, when I want to express my feelings, I don’t know where to start from and how to go about it. I really don’t want to miss her cause she’s the image and personality of my kind of woman.

Please, how do I tell Her that I Love Her?

Your candid advice is needed urgently!

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2 thoughts on “how do I tell her that I love her? | save our soul (sos)

  1. Well,I can only say Firstly Its depends on how you perceive her mood… Before try talking to her otherwise You may be getting on her wrong foot.

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