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world of sport

The rise of sport in the last two decades is awe-inspiring. It has taken the centre stage in entertainment, hobbies and business. Multi national companies have invested heavily in sports upon realising its potentials and lucrative impact in today’s economy.

Betting vendors have sprung in nooks and crannies of our society and our teeming youth populace have subscribed; some have been rewarded for their sports acumen while their counterparts have been drained of their meagre funds/cash. Viewing centres are erected in strategic places to further exploit the growing market.

The love of sports seem to be growing by leaps and bounds and teenagers are already initiated into the growing trend. Athletes are the highest paid income earners, some earn as much as €300,000 weekly. Sports Federation has been instituted to further regulate its professionalism in modern terms.

Gone are the days parents threatened any of their children who ventured into sports, citing that it is impractical and would never ensure a steady flow of income. Now that perception must have changed because this group of individuals are the most celebrated and famous people in the world of today.

Erikan Maurice 



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