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art, righting wry things

Our world is rapidly changing, new discoveries and technological advancements making the world a global village. Amidst these changes are certain chains, which shackle men against nature, and the media against the future; the advancement adversely welcomed. Technology brings with it its own world, and no one seems to be lonely, but everyone is becoming lonelier with the retrogressive level of interrelation between humans and the immediate environment. A thirst seems not treated; a need not met. Man’s insatiability pushes him where he finds himself today.

These are turbulent times, no doubt. We wake up de die in diem to fresh stenchy realities of our world – the inferno of racism, the curse of xenophobia, the dehumanizing system of female marginalization and demoralizing stink of sexual violence, the feminist excesses, the normalizing abnormalities in moral decadence, the natural disasters, the environmental degradation, the global warming, the global economic meltdown, the religious crises, the barbaric militancy with its unending proliferations, the hope-sapping poverty, the frustrating systems of government, the parasitic corruption… Indeed, there is no easy end to the list, which now seems the universe is plotting ‘one-day-one-trouble’.

Now, everyman battles the fear of the unknown as uncertainties stare in every next second awaiting man. Of these odd realities, if one screams, alone he hears it. Should another be around to hear that one scream, only that one shall hear it. Worse, if that one screams of problems that make him scream. Of what use then cries he, when his cry but promotes the same curse that makes him cry? Our world needs urgent pills to heal these wry-things.

In the wake of these realities, keeping quiet is a grave disaster to the universe. Moreover, that would be adding to the list, another bane. Echoing the rhythm of desired system appears to be a resolution; “we shall shout it till their deaf ears hear it and their pharaohed hearts accept it.’’ How shall this be done? – Art! Art seems to have ample veritable pills to heal our world. The days of art for art long gone, it is the reign of art for function sake. Plato banished writers from his republic because the society was one of tranquillity and the writers had nothing to right, which to Plato was a wry thing. They wrote for art sake, the aesthetic undertone of art, appraisal art. Should Plato be alive today, he would retract his statement about art. For today, the world is crowded with writers who have writings that put wry things right – the voices of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and Longinus of the Classical times, William Shakespeare of the English Renaissance, Jon Donne of the Metaphysical period, Mary Wollstonecraft of the British Feminism, Frederick Douglas of the abolitionist movement, Leopold Sedar Senghor of Senegal, Simone de Beauvior of the feminist movement, Chinua Achebe of Nigeria, Ngugi wa Thiong’O of Kenya, Ayi Kwei Armah of Ghana,  Dennis Brutus of South Africa, … cannot be forgotten for their prints through righting writings against wry things.

Away from writings, art has produced paintings, designs, and creations that have influenced the people. Art is known for its power to influence, instigate, ‘compel’, and change perspectives.  Some paintings could be so emotional. These are turbulent times, and people are voicing artistically from different spheres of the world. However, it seems the ancient ‘cocks’ are still the ones crowing; the younger artists seems not heard, the old who have got convenient platforms for themselves seem to have the audience whereas the younger generations are plighted with new plights alienated to the oldies.

The reason for the birth of this platform, Youth Shades Online Magazine – one poised to provide the young writers to access the world audience their messages are meant for – an opportunity to be heard. All that fortune at no cost at all. Youth Shades Online Magazine has come to stay by working with great minds, and YOU, our ardent reader. It is our maiden edition, yet we already see the world not able to exhaust our treasury. We are stopping at nothing to dispense rightly and timely pills our world needs, having at heart its different shades.

Good looking out for YOU! Welcome to OUR world. Be our guest. It promises to be a life-changing adventure.

 As published in the editorial of #1 Youth Shades, September 2016


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