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viper’s tongue

Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble (Frank Tiger). I bet, it would be disastrous to say “be a fast talker. Your tongue will never get you into trouble“. The power of the tongue is unlimited and should never be underestimated. Looking at the story of creation, everything natural that exist today was created by (mere) utterance from the mouth of God.

Saddists usually aren’t happy for others’ well being and they are good at nourishing jealousy towards their folks which may later translate into envy. Having mastered the deceptive art of lies, saddists have capitalised the tongue as a frequent weapon used in ruining the reputation and dignity of their targeted individuals. Character assasination is usually the top priority and the tongue is the mechanism that works the process and execution.

It isn’t a far fetched theory because examples of this can be seen in most offices where there are subtle power struggles; churches, families and homes are not aliens to this experience. Frequently, fabricated documents and destructive lies are constructed to demote, humiliate and punish their victims while in return they earn unmerited advantages and privileges above their counterparts.

Unfortunately, rumour peddlers are integral part of this destructive circle – they can’t hear a gossip and gulp it down, neither ponder on it about the source and facts. Rather, they will go ahead in facilitating the dissemination of rumoured information, not minding the damage it will cause for the victim.

Next time you hear something degrading you, it will be wise to personally investigate your group of friends without their knowledge.

Erikan Maurice


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