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my reverence

By Chatterbox 

When will you lighten up Africa,
So this image you may see clear?
That while you turn a blind eye,
Another soul, this hour dies.
At groceries with pistols snared,
They slit humans to fend for supper,
Wake up to this Clarion, Africa!

You’re a corpse, yet breathing,
Two bulging open eyes, sleeping,
You’re glued while the earth is shifting,
Watching your portions stalled,
Getting stained with foetal blood,
Teenage suicide increasing like flood,
Teenage pregnancy and fraud.

Rebels think they’re different,
They say facts are half true
And life’s not an asset
Because we have it too,
And more, for we still care
Though Africa you’re not fair.

Life is a breeze, everywhere.
Why here fight we, for fresh air?
You wouldn’t know where,
For you haven’t been there.
For these, your reverence I air.

Photographer: Henry Victor – Canada

Excerpt from #1 Youth Shades, September 2016


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