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new beginnings?

By Karen King 

Tribes battling over power and money,
All sides think they are right;
“Join our group!”
They promise power, money and sex,
Just what lost young men want.
Innocent people,

Starving, thirsty, cold,
No fuel,
Dark daylights,
Innocent people

More unrest,
Draught of smiles,
More deaths,
Innocent people

All lost in themselves,
No guidelines.
Who is the enemy?
Where is refuge?
Innocent people

Against the Mystic’s words:
The fighting, the error, the death…
His peace piecesed
In ever increasing plights.
Innocent people

O that the powers be powerful
To save while there’s breathe.
Or shall all yet beclouded be
By the bedevilling seed?
How long shall it reign?
Innocent people

We seek the maze’s route,
From this tunnel be free;
Reshuffling calls –
New beginnings are needed-
Let all again be babies, so no
Innocent people

Artist: Odei Nyamekye – Ghana

Excerpt from #1 Youth Shades, September 2016


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