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when the body sings: I understand (18+)

He came into the room, sat beside my mattress and whispered to my ears that I should join them at the table. I told him I wasn’t hungry. He wanted to say something but restrained himself. He stood up and placed his eyes on my chest. I had no bra on, so I quickly covered my chest with my blanket. He walked out of the room to meet Dad. He reported that I had eaten earlier on.

They both consumed their plates of coconut rice and Dad got into his room thereafter. I was still marooned in my sexual desert before Promise walked into the room. He laid on his bed with his back and gazed at the ceiling. Something was telling me he was thinking about me.  We have developed a sudden feeling for each other. We stay in the house all alone when Dad leaves for work. We sleep in the same room and I watch him dress and undress.

Well, he dozed off after some time or pretended to have dozed off; I took off my nightwear and started doing to myself all that Dr. Francis did to me during my breasts examination. Suddenly I felt a soft touch, I lost my senses immediately, turned to see Promise standing behind me, touching me, whispering things to my ear, and I became dumbfounded.

“Promise…” I whispered. “This isn’t right, we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Oh Dear cousin…I can’t hold it any longer, I’ve been waiting to do this for quite some time now” Promise said.

I want a man’s touch, any man, to bring me back to life. I am dying. Still struggling with my emotions, Promise turned me around, planted a wet kiss on my lips. I opened my mouth in protest, but the kiss became deep and intense. I held him, placed my palm on his dry chest and whispered to his ears, he  grabbed my breasts and suckled each at will.

“Don’t stop…”

There was no response. He lowered me to the bed, did things I couldn’t even understand. I was so amazed and dazed all at once, I opened my mouth to say something, but he silenced me again with his lips. I became speechless, he widened my thighs, laid between my legs .

As he tore off my panties, quickly I remembered what my lecturer usually says, “when rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.” Though it wasn’t rape, it wasn’t right too. So, I relaxed. Alas! I felt a sharp pain, it felt as though something stung me. I held my breath for some seconds, he noticed, stopped a little while, and continued, this time gently, I’ve never felt such pleasure my entire life…

Kate Job-Wota


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One thought on “when the body sings: I understand (18+)

  1. That’s wonderful right up, to give a direction to know what to think and how we develop our emotion so that it won’t make us to sin. Bravo to the writer he had a deep insight of what is happening in the life of the youths nowadays. May this writer up expose our thoughts that we wik desist from sin.

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