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look inwardly

I have an older friend, with whom I attend school. She took a liking to me; I guess I could say I found favour in her sight. She is one whom God has blessed a lot and she gives me presents. At first, I had asked myself “Does anything about me says I need these gifts”? I later came to the conclusion that I am a giver so I am bound to receive. I also began to reciprocate in my own little way.

Two weeks ago, we were in class and my friend was using her phone whilst we were being taught; she has always done it but at a periphery level. Our teacher asked her to please put the phone down but she didn’t listen. Thereafter, the teacher asked her to either go out of the class or switch off her phone. She looked at me for some sort of approval that what she was doing was right, but I told her gently that she was being disrespectful.

Oh Christ! Her face changed; she stood up and left the class. After some time, she came back into the class, but kept a straight face. I smiled and thought, “If you think that because you give me gifts, I will support your wrong doing, you are joking”. She came to me after class to explain the call was important. I gently told her, I understood, but she should receive it outside next time.

Do you support evil over good because you feel the person that speaks good is not rich enough, so whatever they say is not relevant? You look down on people because you feel they have not achieved as much as you have? This is common amongst the youths, two of your friends have a disagreement, but you support the one at fault over the one who hasn’t done anything wrong. I will tell you the truth – if this does not have an impact on you, it will on your children.

Be careful how you treat people, be careful what and who you support. Do not allow people’s status, orientation or religious beliefs make you support them when they have done wrong. Let us make this world a better place and it starts from you and me.

INSPIRATION WITH HANNAH                                               

Excerpt from #1 Youth Shades, September 2016


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