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now we have a new brewery – J2125 part 1 (001)

Christosin – Nigeria

It was the peak of the weekend; the top Wedding in Galilee that Season, the day was finally here! The news had been going round for months. I had not really seen people announce their Weddings on billboards, but this couple did.

Sure, I know some top Pre-Wedding Instagram handles like IsraelWeddings, GalileeNuptials and CanaEvents had been giving us updates of various kinds, hashtags to anticipate you know. I saw things like #CanaWeddingRocks, #AnticipateCana, and so on.

It had to be a top Wedding for Jesus to have been invited. Jesus? The super-busy Evangelist holding Crusades all around Israel. I just knew He wouldn’t be able to make it down.

So when I saw John tweet on Jesus’ Official Twitter Handle two days ago that Jesus was still in Decapolis holding some Crusades which will be followed by some Teaching Meetings, I knew He wouldn’t be back in time for this one. Well, that didn’t matter much to me, I was here anyway, and mehn, this Wedding would rock.

The only challenge – I couldn’t get a Pass into the Wedding Venue. It had been strictly by invitation. I had done all my best, wanted to just get in, see the setting of the place, the advanced gadgets used and learn something new. Well, the Jollof too was to be an added incentive, but, no luck. And, a small boy like me didn’t have the connection to enter and enjoy the Wedding. I wasn’t the only victim thankfully though, tens of people were outside too, with the same plight.

I was even still trying to peep over the demarcations, trying to look through the three hefty bouncers at the entrance, when I heard doors slam. I turned to look back and saw 4 cars park right at the entrance. They were all the same, black 30 AD model Toyota Elbows. Nobody needed to tell me it was Jesus and his Team.

As usual, the modest Evangelist stepped out of the back seat of one of the identical cars before
Matthew who was driving him could alight and get the door for Him. I think He kept the cars identical so that no one would know in which one He was riding. How I knew? I had been following this Man for long, not only online, but physically, but I am sure He didn’t know me.

I wondered, “I thought He should still be in Decapolis with the Teaching meetings. He must have cut the trip short then”. I quickly checked my Instagram Account and saw that Peter posted a picture of himself and Andrew 45 minutes ago with the caption “Me and small brother, we are just returning from Decapolis. #CanaWeddingsThings”. I smiled and thought “Huh! Peter and his indefatigable Grammar combo”.

As Jesus stepped out of the Car, His Protocol Team and other disciples quickly tried to clear the road for Him to pass because as usual; many came just to see Him. He made his way towards the entrance in a finely polished Navy Blue Tuxedo Suit as the bouncers paved way for Him. He looked over His shoulder and pointed in my direction and said “Come”. At first I looked back and was confused, I looked forward again and saw it was me He called. I beat my chest in a mixture of excitement and disbelief and asked “Me?”

“Yes, you” He responded. “Come let’s go into the Hall together”. I was at cloud nine as I made my way through the crowd, many of who were looking at me so enviously as if He should have called them instead, lol. I didn’t care anyway. As I moved, I mistakenly knocked off someone’s Nokia Lumia, who was trying to take a picture of the cute Jesus in the air.

I quickly apologized and moved on. I got to Jesus and asked “How do you know me?” in amazement. Then I quickly added “Oh, we are friends on Facebook.” He looked straight at me and said “How do I know you? Of course I know everyone. Are you not Christosin?”

I nodded in excitement as He took me by the hand and made his way in with me, along with the rest of the Team. I simultaneously gave the Bouncers “this” look. Then He said “By the way, I love your posts on Facebook, you must have been learning well from me”. I could only blush, words didn’t come, this was Heaven! Jesus? Holding my hand into the grandest Wedding in Galilee? I think I woke up on the right side of the bed today, haha!

As we entered the gigantic Hall, Jesus spotted His Mother, Mama Mary and immediately went over to greet her along with the rest of us. “Good son” I thought. Then we made our way to the special seats reserved for us – “Evangelist Jesus and his Team”.

We were seated, food was served. I asked for the Jollof I had dreamt of, it was swiftly served sizzling hot! The other Protocol guys, who were part of the disciples also quickly ordered theirs. I think Jesus was fasting, as He decided against taking anything. I would confirm that much later though.



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