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now we have a new brewery – J2125 part 1 (002)

Christosin – Nigeria

As the MC was running the Wedding with good Galilean music from the best band in town, everywhere was fun.
Jesus was on His iPad the whole time; I peeped and saw that He was trying to catch up with Facebook notifications. He looked up at times to give me a smile and also catch up with what was going on.

We saw quite a number of empty seats so I felt we came a little late. This was confirmed when we were told that drinks had finished. Gosh! I was halfway into my meal when I heard this and I could barely swallow anything anymore, my throat was burning already and only a cold drink would solve the riddle.

Peter immediately stood up to raise a protest with his crusade voice “How manage nah? No drinks more? Are
you not told Jesus is come for this Weddings?” with a partly-eaten Chicken lap in his right hand as he angrily gesticulated.

Jesus immediately gave him this look, Peter got the message and sat down quietly. Peter had been embarrassing there.

I thought to myself “How I wish I was the one following Jesus, not this lousy Peter”.

Then I immediately got a response from right beside me “that is why the calling is by Grace and not your qualification”.

I was startled to my bones. “Jeez! He could read my thoughts”.

He smiled in response. Obviously, He heard that last one too. I was terrified and quickly faced my food.

Just as Jesus faced down to look back into the iPad, we heard a silent whisper beside us, it was Mama Mary.

“Son, I am sure you know the drinks are finished. They’ll need your help”, she winked and smiled.

I thought “Obviously, Jesus must have done something like this before, maybe when He was much younger, for Mama to come ask Him to supply everyone drinks”.

He replied her sharply “Mama, I am not here for a show of myself, I just came to enjoy this Wedding, that’s all, maybe some other programme. Small time, I will do something little, and the next moment, it is on YouTube”.

She stood up without feeling offended, turned to the three Waiters who she had brought along, and simply said to them “No matter what He tells you to do, just do it. Stay here, and don’t go anywhere”. And then she returned to her seat as the Wedding continued.

The Waiters stayed right behind us, they were disturbing my freedom. One of them was a lady and I was shy to tear my meat in her presence, I was uncomfortable. Jesus looked back into the iPad, and after about two minutes, He looked up and turned to face the Waiters that were still waiting.

He asked “How many Cooling Vans do you have”?

One replied “Six, Sir”.

“And those six are empty of drinks already?” He asked further.

“Yes, Sir”, another one answered.

“Okay then, you will do something now. Go pick all the empty cans and bottles of drinks that have been used at this party, rinse them and fill them with water. Then arrange them neatly in the Cooling Vans again. When you are done, come and tell me.”

The three Waiters looked at on another with mouths opened in utter amazement, and chorused “Yes
Sir”. As they turned to leave, He added “You may get more hands to help, call some other Waiters so it
will be faster”. They chorused again “Yes Sir”, as they dragged their feet and disappeared out of sight,

He looked at me, smiled and continued His surfing. I kept staring in complete stun “What exactly is He doing?!” I exclaimed in my thoughts.

I quickly used that opportunity to bring out my Selfie stick from my strap bag and as I motioned to ask Him for a picture, He nodded and said “Sure, why not.” I made the most of the opportunity and took about five clean shots. He had nice poses too, and His cool Tuxedo suit was a beauty to watch in the pictures.

By then, His disciples were done with the meal, I mean the Team that came with Him, and had moved to the dance floor for some dance. These guys lived life to the fullest. Jesus watched on with a smile.

The time came for the Couple to do what they call “First Assignment”, where the new bride tries to serve the husband meal. The MC had called the Chairman of the Occasion, brought forward the cake, and they realized there was no more drink to use, for even the new couple!

The MC made a joke and said “Wow, thanks to our awesome guests, the drinks are finished; they must have been fasting for days for this Wedding. Well, will someone get us some water to use instead please?”

Right about then, one of the Waiters returned and said to Jesus “Sir, we are done.”

(to be continued)


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