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now we have a new brewery – J2125 part 1 (003)

Christosin – Nigeria

Jesus looked up, smiled and said “Oh, that was fast! You are swift in carrying out instructions. Good! Go and pull out two of the canned drinks, and take to the Chairman of the Occasion so that they can use for the toast. Then serve the rest of the people, they must be dying of thirst already.”

“Sir” he retorted “It is water we put in there” he continued in a slow and broken form of speech as he pointed towards where the Cooling Van was situated.

“I know”, Jesus responded with a calm smile, “Just do what I said”.

“Ok Sir”, the Waiter answered as he turned to leave, still bewildered.

I turned to watch as he made his way to the back of the long Hall, where about ten other waiters were waiting to receive instructions. He spoke to them; I saw their reaction similar to his when Jesus gave the initial instruction.

He made his way to one of the Cooling Vans, opened, and the next thing we heard shook the whole Hall. Everyone turned right to the back where the Waiters were. The sound was obviously from there. They had received the shocks of their lives! What I tried to wrap my head severally around its possibility had eventually happened. I knew Jesus was a mighty Evangelist, but could He even turn water to all kinds of assorted drinks? It blew my mind right off.

Decorum had quickly been restored. The obvious had happened; the bottles of water were now drinks, and the cans of water had followed suit too, sealed back, and looking like they were fresh from the factory. The drinks quickly went round. I got mine; it was super-chilled, tasted like nothing I had ever taken. Sure it had to have some special touch- it was Jesus-made!

Jesus got one too and so did the hungry disciples. And the voice of the Chairman of the Occasion interrupted my ecstasy. He had faced the Bridegroom. “So, where did you keep this kind of drink before now? I thought people serve the best drinks first in parties. Oh ohhhh, you wanted us to leave before bringing this out?”

I just looked on for several minutes in amazement, looked to my side to catch Jesus’ expression in this whole scene. He must have felt proud. I looked to my side and found the seat empty. Had He suddenly gone? Looked over to where Peter and the rest sat. They were gone too. “But He was here just now” I thought. It means I must have been really lost in the euphoria of what had just unfolded before me. I was pained, I couldn’t at least say bye!

Anyways, I continued to enjoy my drink; at least it was mine, whichever way it came! As I drank, I carefully checked through the Selfie pictures we had taken, with a wide smile spread all over my face. I quickly uploaded two of them on my Instagram Account, with the Caption Christosin & Jesus. #CanaWedding #ShockOfMyLife #Privileged #Excited”, and I tagged as many friends as I could, including Jesus’ Ministry’s Official Account.

As I entered into my apartment that evening, I switched on the TV immediately and your guess is as good as mine; what happened to day was already all over the news – Israeli Stations and the world over. I kept changing the channels. It was overwhelming, with different headlines – “Miracle Man spices up Grand Wedding” “Now, we have a New Brewery- this time, one Man!” “Who did it? Jesus”. I kept smiling.

The Event had been covered, I saw myself a few times in the coverage of Herald London TV, but
none of the reports captured the miracle. How would they? It was spontaneous! He was full of miracles, but that was the first time the TV Stations broadcasted it. He had always been modest and quiet about His mighty works, never allowed them to be publicized. But now, it was beyond control, the great Evangelist had lit up the whole world with His mighty works.

Before 9pm, the exact miracle scene was on YouTube. Seemed one of the Waiters knew what was to come and had recorded it, from the picking of the bottles and cans to the reactions of the waiters; it was a beauty to watch. By the next morning, it had hit 265 million views. I saw the GOD of all possibilities; I believed more in Him, what of you?

What more could one say? One of the greatest events in human history had just happened right in my presence. It was until after His death and ascension that I thought about it again and it seemed that that event was a sign of things to come, a prophecy of what the Christ will do after Ascension. Turning water to wine is like saying “I am replacing the Baptism of John with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit” Water is a symbol of John; Wine, a symbol of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18).

“(Act 1:5) For John truly baptized with water, BUT you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.”

He came to substantiate the shadow. He is the CHRIST, the reality of all that exists.


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