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why can’t I be me? | micky’s porch

This phenomenon opens us to a portal
Of sculptured decadence in our morals
Unarguably, Our senses makes Us mortals
Catalyzing a balance composition like a floral.

Though I was enticed, I rejected the flow
Seeing beautiful things, Our sight glows
Our definition of modernization just changed
Does civilization still have much to offer

We created the stage, it became our cage
The lights came on nicely like the sprinklers
The dances, laughs and bonding, good days
Agreed, life can be so beautiful

The dripping blouse must have been so effective
You accurately considered it not offensive
Complementary shooting stares makes it so reactive
Understanding one’s environment, you need to be attentive

Pant sagging our new dimensional  nigganess
The bad boy thing, fills us with bitterness
Coded slang and arms, these all are craziness
Slithering through shows more of your cleverness

Our transitioning has affected the religion
The social media is our daily consumption
Pinging in Church, that’s religious invasion
Respecting the norms, ’tis my earnest petition

Our decent folks, they are so fantastic
Their influential figures are so bombastic
Looking beautiful can never be satanic
Integrating culture can make Us epic

I am Me, that’s all I can say
With correct orientation, we can stay
Don’t mis-quote me, I love the nice things
Am always conscious, not to cross the thin line


Erikan Maurice – Nigeria


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