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no saviour on the cliff

Many years ago, Amane Planet was an oh-God-I-want-to-be-there-place. It was where all the goody-goody occurred. Any creature born of a woman or a god screamed ‘Eureka!’ upon arrival at Amane Planet. Boldly inscribed on the walls of the gate were the words, “Woe betide Amane Planet if evil is ever plotted here”.

It was believed that a powerful deity breathed those inscribed words with a blazing fire from its nostrils. Due to this belief, people were afraid to act in ways which did not conform to the decree. As a result, everyone lived happily there and then.

Decades later, there arrived beings from another planet led by Duga, an ultimate sadist. Duga found the floods of happiness in Amane Planet far beyond the norm (for him, that was). He could not stand the streams of bliss which flowed in the veins of Amanians.

On a chilly evening when Duga went for his usual rounds of walks, he stood before the Great Gate where the ordinance was showcased in blood and fire. “Ha”! he exclaimed. “The sons and daughters of Amane Planet live on such ignoble command. I have lived here for years, and I might die if I watch this insanity continue for a moment longer than now”. Enraged, he spat and walked away.

Duga hid his evil with its cloak of darkness. Not only did he rape virgins, but he kidnaped children and disunited families. No height of atrocities did Amane Planet not witness by the hands of Duga.

In the face of all these, the supposed powerful deity did nothing. Amanians cried for help, but no one came to their rescue. Duga reigned and triumphed with nothing other than his shenanigans.

Look around you, what is happening in the world today? Amane Planet is our planet, Duga is a representative of ‘the powers that be’ (who believe they can do with us as they please), Amanians are us and the supposed powerful deity is well, you-know-who. This is not an era where you hang your hopes on other people, thinking they will always come to your aid.

At Youth Shades, we do it for ourselves. At Youth Shades, we fight the good fight. At Youth Shades, we do not fold our hands and wait for manna to fall from above. As a reader of Youth Shades, you should be no different. This is who we are – Youth Shades, Righting Wry Things.

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