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what of planetary science?!.. j2125(p2-001)

It was a fresh Monday morning, the second day of the week, just days after the earth-shaking Cana Event. I was still rolling on my bed, could not get the much desired sleep I craved after the hectic weekend.

My 4am alarm sounded. I just rolled over to the bedside shelf and slammed my hand on the off-button. Thereafter, I wrapped myself back in my blanket as I finally began to get the sleep I wanted. I had traveled a few miles into dreamland when I heard a knock on my front door.

At first, I thought I was still in dreamland, then I heard it again. I jumped up, startled! I Made my way to the power switch, turned it on and it was just 4:30am.

“Who could knock on my door so early in the day? Gosh! Maybe robbers, or Galilean touts”. I thought.

I had become so popular in the wake of the Cana Wedding frenzy that maybe people thought I had some cash now, maybe Jesus ‘dropped something’.

“Or, is this one of pucker tastes of my father’s sins?”

These thoughts kept running through my head as I carefully made my way to the door.

“Who is that?” I called out in a shaky voice, my hands trembling as I approached the door.

“It is I” was the response I got from the other side. “Open, please”.

I looked up to quickly try and place the voice but I couldn’t; maybe because I was still not fully awake. I peeped through the small lens in my metal door to have a better view even though it was still dark. I saw a tall slender man, I couldn’t really place much of his appearance but he was alone and looked harmless. This gave me the confidence to open the door.

As I did, I got yet another shock. It was Jesus. “Jesus Christ!” I screamed. (Lol… What else would I have said?). He was wearing a pullover with a three-quarter sports trouser, a pair of sports tennis shoes to match and He had a beautiful headset hung around his neck. I was faintly hearing music from it, “Whose music would that be?” I wondered.

He was panting a bit. He most likely had gone for his 3am prayer walk round the streets of Cana as I heard He did every day. John, in one of his posts on Facebook mentioned one day how that initially, they were always looking for Him in the early hours of the day until they discovered that waking up early to pray was part of His lifestyle.

“Can I come in?” was the question that brought me out of my shock.

I was startled as I looked up to Him immediately.

“Sure Sir, why not”.

What else would I have said? Jesus, in my house at 4:30am after the honour I got at the wedding last week? It could only get better! I kept staring at Him as He made His way in and I locked the door.

“You have some fruit juice?” He asked, as He walked towards my old little fridge.

“Yes I do”.

By the time I responded, He had already found it. He opened it as He sat on my study chair. When He took the first gulp, he said “You are surprised to see me right?”

“Absolutely” I responded, with my startled eyes still fixed on His every move.

“We stayed back a few days after the Wedding and I did my prayer walk from our Hotel down to this place, instead of the normal route I pass whenever I am in Galilee, because I wanted to see you.”

“Wow!” I exclaimed, “Such an honour for me, thanks”.

He continued “I just wanted to ask you if you will be willing to join my Team.” I jerked, with my heartbeat racing from its mildness to miles per second. “I know you just completed the university, and you are hoping to get a good job as you further your studies. Yet, I see you more than you see yourself. Come with me, I will make you something way beyond what your ambitions can ever do”.

I was dumbfounded as I stared at His lips.

“As from now, I want you to manage the record keeping of my journeys and teachings, as you manage all my Ministry’s Social Media Accounts.”

I was still in shock.

He continued “It’s a decision you will have to willingly make yourself.  The Son of Man has no permanent abode; we are itinerant, and move from place to place. We sleep where we can, and we eat what we have, but our ultimate aim is gathering souls to the Kingdom of the Father. You know what that means.”

He stood up.

“By the third hour, which is 9am, my mother, brothers and disciples – the Team you met that day, will be leaving with me for Capernaum by air. If you are willing, join up with us at the Local Airport for the flight by 10am. Bye for now.” He concluded His statement and made for the door.

I stood up as I watched Him close the door gently behind Him. I stared back at the table and saw the fruit juice container there. I sank into the closest seat to me. I was confused. This had to be the decision of my life. I had just concluded my course in the University.

Planetary Science is what I had always dreamed of since I was 10. I knew there was something divine, beyond all we can see, and so I felt studying the course would bring me closest to my dream and quest for the supernatural. I did well, finished best in my Class, with the highest Grade point ever in the history of the Faculty of Science at one of the best Universities in Israel – Decapolis Metropolitan University.


(An Adaptation from John 2:12)



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