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home is here | yakky’s random musings (yrm)

He was the cautious, while she was the reckless. Having come from different backgrounds, they tried to get adapted to each other.

The man, a bookworm; the woman, a movie addict. The man, a poor organizer; the woman, a neatness freak. The man, stubborn as a mule; the woman, easily yielding. The man, melancholic; the woman, a flowing stream of happiness. The man, standoffish; the woman, sociable.

Undoubtedly, they were stars at opposite ends of the pole. However, one thing made all the difference and they willingly decoded to cohabit peacefully. It was the ability to love each other fiercely.

YakekponoAbasi Adams

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8 thoughts on “home is here | yakky’s random musings (yrm)

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