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let your dreams dry out

Mohlaloganyi Kagiso – South Africa

Some people are not living up to their dreams; life for them is just trial and error – a scene they have to get along with. These people are not living up to their potentials by chasing after every opportunity that passes by them. Before they can get a clear picture of their so-called dream life, they realize too late that their final destination is in the agony world.

A wise man once said, “The worthiest place in the world is in the graveyard”. This is because in the graveyard, you’ll find inventions never invented, books never written, businesses never erected and songs never sang. Those dead people did nothing because they were scared to take risks.

They were scared, just like you. But hey, luckily for you, you are not in a graveyard yet.

If you have a dream, stop dreaming and start living your dreams. Do away with all the negative energy around you. Speak life to your future – the exact same amount of power that was used by God in the beginning is invested in us.

Remember that in the beginning of all creation, God created the heavens and earth, but the earth was without form. God spoke life to it; He said “let there be”, and there was. It’s amazing how nothing happened until God said something.

In the midst of your formless life, say something and enjoy the fruits of your tongue. Young man and young woman, you have a dream, let it shine.

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