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fashionasty (part 2) | micky’s porch

Read: Fashionasty (part 1)

If things go wrong, don’t go with them. – (Roger Babson)

Its obvious that there is a tone of nastiness in our modern day fashion but if we may ask, what inspires them? Probably, they’d say its creativity. Recently, body piercing has been on the rise, in some cases it is multiple. A particular individual wears ear rings, nose rings, mouth rings and I was surprised to discover that some people wear ear ring on their tongue and eye lids. I understand everyone has a right to do whatever they want with their bodies, but when your fashion perspective borders the insanity line then you need a psychological overhaul.

Artificial body parts product are in the market and I know you wouldn’t want me to mention who patronizes them, ready made booty enhancement pads, artificial boob enhancers and other accessories. The question is, if I feel good about myself, why do I need them? Fashion portrays how we feel about ourselves and “moderation” is fashion’s watch word. When it goes to the extreme sets of moral, protocols must be broken.

Body art (tattoo) is suitable for fair skinned people, although in some societies it’s not accepted. However, when a dark skinned fellow applies it on himself at a distance you can’t make anything of the concept or object of his body art until you walk up real close. So, what’s the essence?.

Episodes of nude protests have been recorded in the overseas. It seems the world’s sanity is slowly eroding. If we speak our minds through more meaningful methods of protest, wouldn’t it be effective? Fashion is an important tool that creates massive impact in our environment and its influence on the younger generation should not be undermined. It should be viewed as a “mild enhancer of our natural physique not appearance manipulation tool”.

Erikan MAURICE – Nigeria


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