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John, I, alongside the other disciples, Mama Mary, and other members of “The Crew” touched down at Capernaum around midday.

We made for the exit of the Aircraft, each with our little hand luggages. A big Toyota Bus was waiting for us at the Airport. It was the latest 30AD Burger Model.

We thronged in and entered the Bus. Jesus called me to sit by Him at the special VIP Seat reserved at the back. I saw the frown on Peter’s face…lol. I didn’t even mind him one bit; I just made my way through.

As we rode to our lodge, He congratulated me on the decision I made, and also told me again of His intention for me to capture most of the things that go on with Him and the Ministry. Also, that I will manage all His Ministry’s Social Media Accounts. This meant that I also will have to stick very close to Him at all times, I’ll get access to some of His privacy and solitary moments.

Additionally,he said that at times when we go out and return, He will explain to me some of the events that happen, and the reason some things were the way they were when we were in public. This made me feel very elated and honored.

“I will have such close access to Jesus? Awesome!” I thought, as I clenched my fist. I know He read my thoughts there too, but I cared little.

This was really turning out to be the dream task. I was glad. He told me to meet with John as soon as we alight, so He can give me the log-in details of the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Handles of the Ministry. I knew Jesus went by the name “SON OF MAN” wherever He went. So I just needed basically the passwords; I couldn’t wait to log in.

We got to our lodge, a very big house owned by a rich man. He seemed to regularly accommodate Jesus and “The Crew” there, whenever they were in town. We moved in and kept a low profile for a few days. During that time, I didn’t see Jesus that much, He was kinda retreating alone.

I took time to properly set up the Social Media Platforms and set up the necessary tags trends to follow. I also properly settled my decision to quit Planetary Science with my parents, and I was glad that they took it in well understandably.

Peter and co went for a few outings, but I deliberately stayed back, to strengthen my friendship with John. We were to leave for Jerusalem in a few days, as it was close to Easter.

Jerusalem was the Capital City of Israel. If you have been to the Capital City of a Country before, especially one with the kind of technological advancement that we had in Israel, you will know what I am talking about- the buildings were taller and more organized than the ones in Galilee.

The roads were wider; there was this nice scent all around. Much more, there were air crafts flying all over our heads, almost at intervals of minutes, as we drove to the place we would be staying for the time there in the Capital.

This City had history, a rich one! Before we were colonized by Rome and began to be ruled by Presidents, the famous kings lived here – King David, the most popular of them all. Then, I knew Jesus was a descendant of the royal family too.

There were statues, monuments and all as we moved through. We saw lovely eateries, restaurants, nice places all around us. It was my first time here too. “This Jesus is taking me to places oh. It pays to follow Jesus” I thought and beamed.

My breath seemed to be returning gradually after watching the beauty of the City from the side window of the Bus for several minutes of the ride.

I quickly took a few pictures from my Smartphone and did a few uploads, to report our location; I added the necessary spices. It was a Sunday morning, so most folks were going to Service in their Synagogues and branches of The Temple Church all around the City. The Temple was the largest Church body in Israel. We had flown in very early through the first flight of the day. We got to the House we were to stay; another beauty.

Jesus sure knew a lot of big people that were willing to give out their Houses to accommodate Him and The Crew. John later told me that the house had been given to Jesus and whenever they came to Jerusalem, they stayed there. This time, it seemed we would stay long in Jerusalem, most likely till after Easter, which was the final celebration of Passover. Around 9:05am, the bus stopped.

As we alighted, Jesus spoke at the top of His voice.

“Not much rest guys, we will be going to worship my Father at the Temple Headquarters across the Jonathan Square. So just drop your things, freshen up and have a change of cloth if need be, so we can get back in the bus and make our way back in time and at least meet the Sermon.”

We all gave different consenting responses, made our way in quickly. John pulled me by the arm and we went to a room together, he told me it was His room. He took me there, to at least freshen up. Whenever we got back from The Temple, my room allocation would be sorted out.

We quickly freshened up. I combed my hair neatly, sprayed some Perfume, and took few selfies too as I waited for John to be ready. We were all set and we moved swiftly. It was 9:45am when we took off, and the trip was just for about 10 minutes to our destination around the 5th road from our Avenue.

We got to The Temple Headquarters. Large Cathedral it was, the largest church building in Israel that time, as it had been rebuilt in the time of Ezra, Nehemiah and Zerubbabel after the original one built by the wealthy King Solomon was pulled down during the Colonial Invasion. I had read about this building before, but it was my first time seeing it live.

It was huge, very long; beautiful flowers were planted all around, with trees too at strategic locations. Though it was an Ancient building, yet it had all the qualities of a modern building. Obviously, it was being managed well.

We tried to enter without being noticed. But seeing we were many, and seeing Jesus was a popular figure, all eyes were on us as we were ushered in to sit. It was a long Hall that looked like a Dome, though it had a different look from the outside. I tried to wrap my head round the capacity; it wouldn’t be less than 30,000 seats. It was that big, and was nearly full. I admired the inner beauty of the Building.

It was beyond words. We were sitting around the left wing of the Dome, not too far from the Podium. We had a clear view of the Podium, but even if we couldn’t see well, the large LED Screens all around gave us a clear picture of whatever was going on that we didn’t see well.

They had just finished singing a hymn and someone, who I figured out to be the High Priest, the head of The Temple Churches nationwide rose to the Podium at the center of the Hall. He asked everyone to open to the First Book of Moses, and he read to us from the portion where GOD called our Father Abraham, told Him that He would bless him, and his seed after him.




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