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The events of last weekend shook the whole nation, not only Jerusalem the Capital City of Israel.

It had happened at the center stage of the world. The eyes of the best TV stations caught it, and several videos of it were shown on TV.

Jerusalem Xprezz even caught some of the happenings live! I guess that when they heard Jesus said we should head to other branches of The Temple Church (maybe through informants), they went ahead of us to capture some of the drama. Jesus did the same act in those Churches, whipping stupidity out of the people trying to turn the church into a commercial center.

We got to some Churches to find them empty; as they likely had gotten wind of Jesus’ coming, and had ended the Service quickly and ran for their dear lives. Instagram pictures flew all over with all manner of tags.

I also played my part, took many pictures as the event unfolded, uploaded them immediately with wonderful posts to back them up. The Instagram likes grew into hundreds of thousands within few hours of upload.

How about YouTube? Several people with their own version of videos that they caught, some showing the Priests as they ran out of their venues at the sight of the belt-whip Jesus had made. Some videos had up to 600 million views as the whole world heard of this remarkable and shocking event. It generated several trends of discussions on Twitter, and our Ministry handle was tagged in several of those discussions.

Hashtags like #JerusalemBeating, #CrazyJesus and #Whiplash particularly trended for days, with different reactions to His act. This event went well with those that understood the essence of the Gospel, but for those that didn’t, Jesus was heavily criticized. Some even threatened to file law suits.

Other top Priests in the whole of Israel spoke out, some in support, most against. The foremost Prophet, called John the Baptist, who was Jesus’ Cousin, who also baptized Him and had publicly attested to Jesus as the Saviour of Israel was approached that week and His view was sought.

Rashda Muscopan, a CNN Israeli Reporter met John at a Book Launch and asked “Prophet John, I believe you are well aware of the events of last Sunday, and what it has generated. We know that you are a public supporter of this Jesus whom people call Christ. He seems to fear no man; He calls Jehovah His Father, something that in Jewish laws is considered a taboo.

“His fame has been spreading through the whole world; He has even become more popular than you who used to be the favourite of the Jews. He seems to be doing awesome things but yet stepping on toes along the way, especially with the recent whipping spree around Jerusalem. What do you have to say, Sir?”

“Well,” John responded as he cleared his throat, “I see nothing wrong in what He has done. He is going about His Father’s Business, and that is part of the things He was sent from heaven to do – to clean out all the mess that those brood of vipers and hypocrites called the Pharisees and the entire Sanhedrin have littered the whole place with. The Gospel is not about buying and selling, it’s about pressing people towards the kingdom of God.

“That kingdom is closeby now. As for His fame spreading, it only gladdens my heart. No one can receive anything unless God gives it from heaven. You yourselves know how plainly I told you, ‘I am not the Messiah. I am only here to prepare the way for Him.’ It is the bridegroom who marries the bride, and the best man is simply glad to stand with him and hear his vows. Therefore, I am filled with joy at his success. He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.

“He has come from above and is greater than anyone else. We are of the earth, and we speak of earthly things, but he has come from heaven and is greater than anyone else. He testifies about what he has seen and heard, but how few believe what he tells them! Anyone who accepts his testimony can affirm that God is true. For he is sent by God. He speaks God’s words, for God gives him the Spirit without limit.

“The Father loves his Son and has put everything into his hands. And anyone who believes in God’s Son has eternal life. Anyone who doesn’t obey the Son will never experience eternal life but remains under God’s angry judgment. That is all I will say.”

And truthfully, John had spoken the heart of GOD concerning the matter. Gradually, the noise died down. Jesus didn’t even raise an eyelid about it. When I showed Him John’s Interview on YouTube, he only smiled and said “Thanks Christosin, I read it in the papers already. John spoke well.”

We began to prepare for another trip to the Judean region immediately after the Easter. Because of the miraculous signs Jesus did in Jerusalem during the Easter celebration, many began to trust in Him. But Jesus didn’t trust them, because He knew human nature. No one needed to tell Him what mankind is really like.

After dark one evening, as Jesus relaxed by the poolside in our Jerusalem lodge, John and I were with Him. A man named Nicodemus, a Jewish religious leader who was a Pharisee came to speak with Jesus. This man was one of those rich rulers of the Law.

He looked very calm, in his White suit and a shiny purple tie. He had a pair of spectacles with thin lens on. These spectacles nearly fell off his nose as he approached us from the Gate. He seemed to have called Jesus earlier to fix an appointment, as when the Security Guard came to whisper to His ears the presence of a visitor, He quickly said “Oh, Nico! Please let him in”.

Nicodemus settled on one of the seats around us, He looked to be in his late forties. I was playing Temple Run on Jesus’ iPad, with John coaching me closely as the discussion between them began.

“Master,” Nico said, “we all know that God has sent you to teach us. Your miraculous signs are evidence that God is with you.”

Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot really understand these things; except you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.”

“What do you mean?” exclaimed Nicodemus. “How can an old man go back into his mother’s womb and be born again?”


(to be continued…)

Christosin – Nigeria


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