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Beauty Untouched

In the moonlit night, 
A beautiful girl wandered alongside,

The river,

And did shiver,

The fog, embracing her,

Made her completely numb,

Hovered her dumb silence,

She did not know where to go thence,

Drops of the fog fell upon her tyrannically,

And made her crystal clear bodice,

Stuck to her breasts;

Her sense was taking rest.

With the hunger for temporal joy, some men,

Like flesh-eating birds,

Saw the beauty showering body, half covered.

In the light of moon,

They couldn’t see her innocence and soon,

One demon caught her fair hand,

And took her off the cold sand,

By an attractive boat,

He brought her to the middle of the river,

But the white illumination of moon,

Peeping from the vast curtain was still there,

He touched her corporal structure,

And became night – king,

Of his narrow empire,

But he couldn’t ravish her beauty,

She remains even today pretty.
Watch the audiovisual of this poem here 

Alok Mishra – India 

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