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When you… 

When you don’t lie, you are not right.

When you feel shy, something is bad.

When you speak the truth, you may not last.

When you feel good, you need keep mute.

When you go on, you drop and pick things.

When you leave but can’t return, you are not the first.

When you come home from nowhere, the welcome is less.

When you are vague, you are cumbersome.

When you are clear, you are strict.

When you make mistakes, you are foolish.

When you aim perfection, you are too far.

When you run, you are too fast.

When you walk, you are too slow.

When you are poor, you are stupid.

When you get rich, idiocy equates wisdom.

When you do things, there is a reason and/or meaning,

sometimes, somebody or some bodies read contrary cause and/or effect

and funny enough about life drama,

they are not always wrong.

Dauda Onawola – Nigeria 

Watch the audiovisual of this poem here 

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