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No-no | Yakky’s Random Musings (yrm)

You’re just a thief. It’s the devil’s work. Your hand are always itching to steal. It’s okay, we understand.


A proud thief? No, no, no. That’s the one we refuse to understand. What is it? How can someone be dragging you up and down because you stole money (which you’ve actually confessed to), and you’re busy insulting onlookers?


‘You that is laughing, what is funny’?


‘God punish you’.


‘What are you looking at’?


Sshhuu where do you think you are? Tell me, what do you think is happening to you right now?


Instead of you to be begging and crying if mercy will locate you, you’re rather cursing? Ha! My eyes have seen things o.


YakekponoAbasi Adams


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