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The Relationship Between Sports And Discipline

In life, one of the earmarks of the human person is the gift of rationality. Hence, he is able to organize and train himself with some rules in a standardized and dignifying manner.

This is true of every sphere of life in which the human person engages in. From the above, we can therefore say that one very essential quality that aids man in his endeavor is discipline especially as it concerns sports here. However, we shall quickly take a close look at the meaning of sport and discipline

Sport and Discipline Conceptualized

The word “sports” has to do with activities that one does for pleasure and needs physical effort or skill, usually done in a special area and according to fixed rules. These include football, table tennis, basketball, volley ball, badminton, skipping, etc. It is very interesting to take into cognizance that sports aid us in a great way; such as keeping our body healthy, serving as fun and recreational activity. Hence, the importance of sport cannot just be undermined.

On the other hand, the term “discipline” involves the practice of training oneself and other people to obey rules and order and dishing out disciplinary measure where one does not apply himself to the set rules and regulations. Put differently, it refers to the act of controlling people’s behavior through the use of rules and norms.

The Correlation Between Sport and Discipline

As stated earlier, sports are activities one does for pleasure and that need physical effort or skill, usually done in a special area and according to fixed rules while discipline has to with training of people to obey rules and orders and giving of disciplinary measures (punishment) if they do not comply with the rules guiding them.

From this, it is very clear that sports need the application of discipline as a measure to ensure there is no chaos, pandemonium and any acrimonious incident during game. Hence, discipline becomes a guiding principle to ensuring peaceful co-existing sporting activities. That is to say that discipline plays a very fundamental role in sporting activities.

Also, since the predilection and the poignant excesses of man must be put under check during sports, discipline serves therefore as a watch-dog in order to avoid every form of mischievous attitudes on the part of those who engage in sporting activities. In effect, there is a very great relationship between sport and discipline. In a nut-shell, sport without any disciplinary measure, will lead to a whirl beast.
Suowari Paulinus Gesi-Owei (Nigeria)


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