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Spare me the introduction

Name, rank, position

Spare me the interrogation

I am a minimal edition

I am worth no introduction

A product of sexual corruption

Conceived and born for adoption

A destiny devoid of a mission

I am poverty’s last letter

Born and bred for ruin, later

I am the confused letter ‘Y’

Y, yes the reason why

Why was I born poor?-WHY

Why have I no home?-WHY

Why is life so cruel?-WHY

Why, why, why,-WHY

I am a worthless vessel

Won before a battle

To tears I loss a treble

Erased like words of pencil

I am a rejected stone

The least of Adam’s bone

Tossed around and blown

To build greatness alone

Spare me the old adage

“To every man he installed greatness”

Formed me with an empty storage

Left to wander, aimless

Am I of his image?

Adam or Cain’s lineage

Or the produce of a slut

Inside me lies what?

Peter Benjamin Peter

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