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Some days… | Yakky’s Random Musings (yrm)

When he cocked the gun, he suddenly paused. He wasn’t sure if it was his conscience that hindered him or pure discernment. His body failed him; he couldn’t bring himself to fire the shot – he’d never felt so betrayed.

Having been a cold-blooded hunter for over a decade, his conscience had never pricked him. Not even for once. Animals were meat (to be eaten or sold). Hell, either way, they ended up eaten or dead.

Ruthlessly, he’d snapped lives out of animals while their family members ran helter-skelter in search of cover. On days when he was on a hunting spree, he’d take out the whole pack.
Hunting was his sole means of survival; his bills were settled after he sold his catch which usually amounted to reasonable amounts.

Today however, his heart softened as he watched the antelope wander around, obviously oblivious of the danger that lurked around it. Perhaps, old age had caught up with him. He shrugged as he discarded the thought, money had to be made.

After few minutes of contemplating, he decided to leave the antelope alone and proceeded to the other part of the hunting ground. Another game would definitely fall victim. He wasn’t going to let whatever this strange feeling was, render him bankrupt.

He had barely moved a milestone when he spotted a ram. The sound of the shot tore across the forest, causing a stir as other animals scurried far away from him as they could. He heaved a sigh of relief.
YakekponoAbasi Adams – Nigeria

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