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Mohcoleth 1 – Hell’s Roulette (PROLOGUE) | Story by Evan Promise

Mystery and myth are two very important facets of life, man himself being a creature who by nature is wired to always believe in something. This, and the need to rationalize and create an explanation for situations and phenomena he couldn’t explain led to the emergence of many of these myths. These myths themselves being a product of the many mysteries surrounding man.

This story toys with the idea of a fictional reality, in which our world is contained in a vast multiverse – a collection of seven universes or realms made up of Heaven, Jo, Faun, Nature, Flore, Jade, and Hell, in that order. The first and last three revolving around and influencing the fourth and perhaps the most important realm, Nature which happens to be our world.

In this age and reality of myths and mysteries, fate and nature conspires to lead a young man Steve into a world and chain of events he never imagined he’d be part of.

The story is set in the little city of Mahok… a city so small, the events happening in it are unbelievable.

Please follow our narrator as he tries to unravel the mysteries surrounding the enigma, Steve, who himself is on a journey to find identity, definition and purpose.

This is a play around mysteries and myths; but it’s not just a story… IT’S A JOURNEY!

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