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Mohcoleth 1 – Hell’s Roulette (EPISODE 2) | Story by Evan Promise

Steve woke up from the bed, stood up and stretched. He couldn’t remember what day it was. While trying to figure that out, he noticed he wasn’t in his room, and that everything seemed so odd. He looked around him, trying to take in his surroundings. A soft and faint moan behind startled him. He turned around sharply, ready to move into defense mode, and then relaxed when he saw the shape lying on the same bed he just rose from. The memories of the previous night started flooding in.

After he let her into his tiny but big secret and she saw him transform, she developed this kinda sympathy feelings for him, and wanted to make him feel better. It surprised him at first, but it later got him excited to know that Tess actually was handling it very well. As ever-thoughtful as she was, she had already booked a table at Cherry’s , and they had rushed there to cool off. He remembered how she got them both drunk when they got to her apartment after the surprise date at Cherry’s.

Her apartment! – it suddenly struck him… he didn’t really take a good look at the place the night before. Slowly he made for the door at the far end of the room, hoping it would be the bathroom door. He was in luck, as it really was the bathroom. He washed his face, rinsed his mouth to reduce the stench of alcohol oozing from it and went back to the bed to pick his underwear that was flung somewhere in the heat of the moment.  He smiled mischievously as he remembered the libidinous leer she flashed him before she jumped at him and gave him the best memory he ever had in a while.

The big wall clock chimed 9, and he was brought back to the moment. He felt a cold flush he had come to understand as a sign of someone watching him for more than a minute, and he knew she was finally awake. He pretended he didn’t know, and kept on taking in the room and all the stuff that were in it. He felt a soft vibe, and knew that she was trying to sneak up on him. He wouldn’t let her win this time.

“You just don’t get it, do you?” He said, while turning sharply just as she was about to jump on him. He caught her mid-air and gently balanced her on his waist, wrapping her legs around him.

“It’s almost impossible for you to sneak up on me. You need to let that sink into this your empty skull” He added, lightly pushing her head a bit backwards with his index finger. She grinned from ear to ear like a rabbit.

“Don’t be so sure about that. I only just have to keep trying…I’ll surprise you one day.” They both laughed.
“We both know you can’t do that Tess. But, I love picking you up always like this…so don’t stop.” They laughed again…hysterically this time.
He pinned her against a nearby wall, and took her upper lip in his mouth. He bit it gently and they slowly locked lips, sharing a deep and sensual kiss. He brought her down finally after they were both satisfied.
“We have to prepare for work honey. Boss won’t be happy if we show up late, and you know that.” He whispered softly
“I know. But I have to get my good morning kiss first.” She replied, grinning foolishly.
“You frog…what d’you think the one we just shared now was for?” He slapped her lightly.
“You forgot to add good morning after it” She grinned again. “And we’re both not going anywhere if I don’t get my good morning kiss.” She said while running to block the bathroom door.
Steve looked at her, shook his head and set about arranging stuff for work. Tess was still at the bathroom door ogling him by the time he was ready to bathe ten minutes later. He just walked straight towards the bathroom door, lifted her and

carried her into the tub with him, amidst her kicks and shouts of protests.


As Steve was about to lock his office door, he sensed the creature the dark veiled woman warned him about in the other realm the night before. It didn’t take it quite long to locate him unlike others before him. He was glad Tess wasn’t around to witness whatever that was about to happen. There was much she was yet to know about him…stuff he couldn’t bring himself to tell her. How can he manage to get her to believe that he sees spirits, senses soulless creatures and supernatural beings and interacts with them? How would she react when she finds out that he’s been on the run since that fateful day, always fighting creatures sent from the underworld and the other six realms to kill him? Would she still agree to marry him knowing that it will never stop, and that he’d always be hunted till he finally breaks his curse or dies in a battle? He can’t tell her everything yet. It’s not like he’s discovered everything there is to know about him though. As far as he knows, he’s still a mirage to everyone, including his adopted master, Leonardo. He keeps on unlocking more powers every day, and getting acquainted with whatever he is.

He knew the creature was tailing him. He knew the feeling all too well….like he was enclosed in a container, with the air inside getting hotter with the intensity of the stare or closeness to the supernatural being. That was his body’s way of

warming up for a fight. He remembered his first fight…he suddenly felt hot while in his office. While he was trying to figure out what was happening to him, his body entered what he’d come to identify as his death/defense mode – his body transforming into a glowing white skeleton, just as he came face to face with creature numero uno.

He was brought back to reality immediately he sensed the air becoming warmer. He knew he had less than a minute to choose an arena where he won’t be handicapped, unless he wanted to lose his life that day. He sighed, and slowly steered his car towards a nearby empty gas station.

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