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Mohcoleth 1 – Hell’s Roulette (EPISODE 3) | Story by Evan Promise

Read the previous episode here.

“Mohcoleth!” the creature bellowed.

Steve turned. His transformation was already complete… a glowing white skeleton, immersed in hot blue flames.
They were in an empty warehouse behind the gas station, the creature standing few metres away from steve.

For the first few minutes, none talked or did anything much. They just faced each other, sizing each other up. The creature wasn’t much different from the other ones Steve had faced except that its head was lit up in green flames which was an indication of its strength and power… obviously a level above the others. It had long legs with green webbed feet.

The place that was supposed to be its stomach was hollow, with a metal-like broad structure for a chest. It had four arms, two per side… the two front arms having claws like those of a crab. Just like the previous creatures, it had
its tail at its back…with a sting at the end… like that of a scorpion, but much longer.

The creature lunged at Steve with its sting, startling him. He ducked swiftly and moved towards to his right. Having fought its like before, He knew the drill already – keep dodging the creature’s attacks long enough to wear it off and then aim for its head. A sharp cut with his flaming hand will sever its head, and send the creature back to hell.

They circled each other for the next half minute. The creature lunged at him again, Steve ducked again and made a dive for his chest. He gave it a sharp unexpected jab, searing its flesh. The creature roared in pain and moved back a bit. The red flames around his head increased…it was getting angry. It moved at Steve with great speed…sending him flying to the left, with a backhand slap that was akin to getting hit with a plank. He didn’t see it coming.

Steve was back on his feet within seconds, experience having taught him that the creatures feed on fear and weakness…increasing their size and strength apparently. The creature was already inflamed as the greenish glow around him increased in intensity, and Steve knew it was done playing with him. It made to grab his neck with its claws, Steve blocked with his forearms and the claws clamped on them. It pulled him towards itself immediately and was about to sting him with its tail, but Steve swung his right hand just in time, severing the sting end from the rest of the tail.

It shrieked in pain, and dropped him immediately. As expected, the tail grew two stings in place of the severed one within seconds, and the severed one itself metamorphosed into a black flaming cobra, twice the length and size of the sting.

Steve drew back a bit, buying himself enough time to formulate a new plan. He steered the three of them towards a nearby wall. Once he had his back against it making sure there will be no surprises from the rear, he faced his tormentors fully and braced up for the real fight. The creature lunged its stings at him again. he ducked, and they drove deep into the wall. He jumped just in time, to avoid the cobra’s low lunge, and delivered two hard punches on the creature’s chest as it was trying to retrieve its tail which was still trapped inside the wall. That dug a hole in its chest and sent it flying backwards, with its tail following it. He ducked again to avoid the cobra’s flying lunge at him, and grabbed it by the neck, torching it up immediately.

Within seconds it had turned to barbecue, and Steve threw it at the creature who was still struggling to free itself from its stings that pinned him down after the earlier fall. He then rushed at it just as it was about to get to its feet and with one clean sweep severed its head from its body.

Steve slowly returned to his bodily form, and watched as the creature’s dead body disintegrated into tiny pieces and got swept up by the wind. Soon the rains came and fell heavily for the next ten minutes, trying to sweep away the fight and evidences of it still remaining. Nature always knew how to take care of anomalies, he thought. Perhaps that explains why the creatures always came after him…himself being an anomaly. Once he made sure no one who came to the warehouse would believe anything happened there, he walked to the gas station, entered his car and drove straight home.


“He just said Mohcoleth” Steve said as he turned to face his master.

“Mohcoleth… I haven’t come across that word all through my stay on earth and in this realm, Jade” His master replied, taking a deep breath. “I’m guessing it’s a kind of name… most likely to be in Enochian language, or one close to it.” He added. “You’re sure he said nothing else?”

“I’m very sure. It was just that word and then his groans, roars, and brief murmurings. I wish they could actually converse, so I can know their mission and who sent them.” Steve answered, in a quick rejoinder.

“They have to be from hell obviously. As to who sent them, I can’t really say which of the three princes would be so interested in you as to want you dead. I’m surprised their master hasn’t showed up in person. A conversation or deal will be more likely then”.

His master stood up, and with much effort, walked slowly to the other side of the room. “Let’s focus on getting to know you better. Hopefully you’d survive future meetings with the creatures until their master shows up. I think you have less than 30 minutes Jade time remaining. You should put it to good use. See if you can find anything that looks like the word you heard in any of these books.” His master counseled, pushing across some books to him.

Steve sighed, picked up the first book among the stack, and started flipping through the brown pages. It sure was going to be a long night.

Read the previous episode of this story here.


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