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Olufunke (part 1) | Story by Bukky Adediran

“This is epic darling…how can I thank you? ”
“For what ? I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ” Tade moved away from the car, he took a snap shot of it and went into the house. His wife tagged along.

(Phone conversation) Maami…{mother} the car just arrived, you will have it first thing in the morning. Akani…. Akoni Omotade mi… Oseun omo mi {Thank you my son}

“Oh yeah…. hehehehe…so that car belongs to your aged mother… mama😆 quarter to go… Thunder fire you…. hen… The last time you bought me a car was 3 years ago… Shalewa has changed cars twice in 3 years…. What kind of man are you? ”

Tade smiled and went up to the room. Funke was extremely furious. She again ran after him, yelling….

“My mother, my mother, my mother…. I mean my own mother …Olufunke… be warned…my mother deserves the best… You have a son and a daughter… Think of the future… How would you feel if your daughter in law treats
you the way you treat my mother. This is the first time I am buying a car for my mother. In this 15 years of our marriage, I have changed your car 4 times…. Who is Shalewa? I  work to earn a honest living, I prioritze.. You spend your money on makeup, parties, party uniforms,  colognes etc… You are not even responsible for your aged mother… I am absolutely responsible for your family…”

“So you are mocking me Tade… ”

“I am not mocking you, my dear get a life…life is more than all these vanities you’re chasing… I have tolerated you enough, I am fed up of your wasteful spending. Have you thought of it… what if I die today? How will you cope? Make a change before it is too late. I don’t ever want to hear the name Shalewa, let alone see her in our home. You just lost your access to our joint account. I am not changing your car until 5years from today. Go to Pastor’s wife, tell her you want to learn about the Proverbs 31 WOMAN…

“Tell her, you are the worst cook on earth…  The  children and I have tickets booked for  vacation in Australia  for
3weeks. By the time I am back, I don’t want to see any domestic  staff in my kitchen. I want to see a changed woman otherwise there will be war…”

Tade stormed out of the room and left for his friend’s house…

(Who indeed is the strange woman?)

Copyright: Bukky Adediran 2017


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