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Pray for me | Poem by Chongo Medley

Like a ship in the dark
I journey across the seas
thirsty and hungry
craving for a dose of his love
I weep—
Pray for me
for my naked faith
desires to be dressed in white garments
for it desires to walk along the narrow way
were he stands as a resting place
I weep—
my sight has been blinded
by the dark shades of the world
my mouth has grown dry
my tongue nolonger utters words of his gospel
Knights and Zombies have made me one of their own
I’ve become a child of zanier
I touch the feet of groaning demons
dancing to their melodies
as they engrave lyrics of hate in my mind
I weep—
Pray for me
eternity is stairing at my broken soul
every piece of heaven
is what my eyes long to see
his love I seek
my body and spirit yearns for his touch
I weep—
Pray for me

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