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Olufunke Part 2 | Story by Bukky Adediran

Read the previous part here.

“As a matter of fact Shalewa, I can’t do without domestic staff. Tade can’t turn me in to a slave in his house. It’s not possible… I have had the same car for 3years, I am tired of it. He bought his mother a brand new car… what about me? Look at you and Philip. Philip has changed your car 2 times in 3years.”

Shalewa got up and went to kitchen, she came back with two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. Funke questioned this.
“Where is your maid? Why are you running  errands by yourself?”

“Hmnnn , Funke. You have so many misconceptions about my personality. Today, I will tell you some truths and you can either take it or leave it. It is up to you.

“What are you talking about? ” Funke reacted. ‘Please get the maid to take my bag into the guest room.”

Shalewa  smiled…. “To start with,  my maid is not home, she is in a fashion school and attends classes twice a week. Fridays and Saturdays. Secondly, there are several things I wouldn’t allow my maid do for me. She doesn’t cook most of my meals, she doesn’t attend to my husband, her activities with my children are minimal and she doesn’t serve  my very close friends. So even if she were here, I would serve you my self.”

“Hehehehe…Shalewa, I can’t believe this… you must be kidding me my friend. So why is she here?”

“Good question… She is here to ease my work load, help in certain ways and not replace me totally. Do you get that madam Funke? She keeps the entire house clean and in order, she does laundry and cleans the kitchen. We go to the market together twice in a month. I am the manager here, I run my home, no maid does that for me. More so, I don’t  believe in  using maids and dumping them, especially when I have what it takes to help give them a good future. I train them in school so that  when they leave they have something to fall back on.  They are human beings too my dear.”

Shalewa… you send your maids to school?

“Yes my dear. I like to empower people. I don’t use people. Take your drink Funke… We are just starting.”

Funke pushed the glass of wine aside. She was not hearing what she wanted to hear. Obviously, she had not studied her friend well enough to see how different she was from her.

“I am a certified Nurse and I run a farm along side my husband. You know my husband is an engineer and he builds properties for people. I love fashion, I party a lot because I have so many friends but most importantly I  don’t joke with my home and I use my brain. I cook for my husband and take very good care of my children. You said my husband changes my car often…..why didn’t you ask me. In the history of my marriage, I have used 5 cars in 17  years of my marriage. Philip bought only 2 out of the 5. I bought 1 and the other 2 were gifts from my brother who lives in  USA and trades in cars. The present car I am using is a gift.”

Funke was dumbfounded. Apparently she had all along been comparing her self with another woman, whom she failed to study very well.

“You need to make a change my dear. I am not going to admit you into my home. You will go back home and put your house in order. Funke, you work for yourself, you don’t answer to anyone like I do. You have a good man, he is a God fearing husband. What’s your excuse? You don’t cook for your husband, you leave everything to your maids. What legacies are you laying down for your children. Don’t you read your Bible?  Infact I need to check my self. If you didn’t  have a clue that I have good values in life and you have been misled just because we attend parties together, it means I need to really assess my life.

“Funke, I am a virtuous woman. Go home and fix your life. Go home and take charge before it is too late. Send the staff away like he said.  Let your husband come in after 3weeks to a changed woman. If you will excuse me, my husband is waiting for me upstairs. I like to see you to your car.”

“Shalewa! Are you sending me away.”

“Not really my dear  it’s going to be for a little while. You will come back to thank me. Know this for sure darling,  I will be praying along. Correct your ways with your husband’s family members. Grab your Bible,  go to your
closet and cry out to God for help. You have to go now….”

To be continued….

Copyright : Bukky Adediran 2017.

Read the previous part here.


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