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On suicide… | Article by Edidiong Etukudoh

Every day several people are confronted with varying situations, most of them life threatening and depressing. There is no situation a person faces that is new or entirely novel,yet amidst the storm,some choose to fight it hard and madly and they survive stronger and better,yet others decide ending their lives and causing more depression and heartbreak to their families and friends is better.

We fail to ask ourselves the question : why some choose to value life and their loved ones over their selfish thoughts  of suicide? why they choose to fight hard amidst the storms of life to survive? All we think about is how justified he/ she was in taking his or her life.

I think we should reason wiser than we are reasoning now. Some people get their issues so bottled up that they do not care to share and then we blame the world for not caring enough when they get cowardly enough to take their lives, yet we blame the world, we blame everyone for not caring about that man/woman that refuses to tell anyone his aches…

There are many sides to this suicide thing and there are many ways to fight depression, I think suicide is the least way to fight it.That’s cowardice in it’s crudest form, that’s selfishness in the most raw form known to humanity.

No matter how bad the situation may be there is always an ear waiting to listen,to hear you out, do you find that ear and spill it out or do you commit suicide so the world blames the world for your stupidity?

Everyone is fighting a battle,everyone faces some form of depression, if we  all kill ourselves, who will be left? if we all refuse to tell someone and think suicide is the best option, perhaps so that we win an award in hell for taking our lives, who will be left?

Stop it already and receive some sense man/woman. Tell it to someone, tell it to nature, fight the elements fiercely, trust me, many others have fought that battle and won,you won’t be the first to fight it, so if they could, you can. Don’t be a fool to give up that easily, don’t give up at all, fight, fight, fight and if you have no one to talk to ,tell it to nature, break down and cry, spill it out in the comfort of your loneliness, weep it out man/woman, fall asleep and wake up free.You will be amazed how great a healer tears could be. Just let it out, let go…

I know some suicide activists will come up here to defend suicide, but who cares? If suicide is that worth it,I wonder why you haven’t taken your own life, I wonder why you are fighting hard your own depression…?



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