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Adun (part 1) | Story by Bukky Adediran

In a small town called Aye, there lived a couple. This couple spent their youthful years in a beautiful city, and an area called Bethel. From that city,  they RELOCATED to Aye town. It was a visit I thought wouldn’t last more than five minutes., but I had actually spent two hours by the time I looked at their wall clock. Inscribed in the wall clock in bold letters was the phrase “AYE LE”.  As I lowered my head, tears dropped in my cup. Being the harmmattan season, Adun, the old man’s wife served me hot coffee.

This was her story…
I had it all good. I never lacked a thing. Traveling abroad was as easy as picking my bag  and going to the super store any time I felt like it.  When it  was time to get married, I was very critical of whom to pick. A lady like myself wouldn’t listen to just anyone let alone consent to any relationship just like that. My ego and pride were out of this world. Richard came on board in my life.  I had picked him over Wale whom I didn’t even regard as man enough to live let alone be my husband.

“You have some guts Wale… Let this be the very last time you will call me to remind me of the trash you earlier discussed with me. Go find a girl your class… I am way out of reach” I hit  the phone on him. He was from a middle class home to some people but I regarded him low class… To me it’s a relative thing…. Wale studied studied English the University, I didn’t see him becoming anything with that. I was a medical student. Ofcourse He finished school before I did. Eventually I got my Mr Right. He moved on with his life. After a while I relocated to another city and we never saw again.

Richard and I tied the knot in a very grand style. The first challenge came about 6months into our marriage. Richard wanted us to relocate to another country and I wanted another country, both are developed countries. He won and we left. Two years into our wedding I was not pregnant, trouble loomed. I just couldn’t get pregnant and as a medical practitioner I knew all the tests to run and we did all and there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. Richard ran several tests too and same were  his results. Being an Engineer, he travelled a lot. Our parents visited severally, ofcourse I had no issues with mine, but his parents made so much noise and it was war in our home.

I didn’t know the Lord. I felt everyone who sought Jesus Christ closely and devotedly attended church services needed miracles and money. I  thought they were sick. I never knew I was the sick one living in darkness.  Why would I live my life in church when I had everything at my beck and call. My friends were people like me, I didn’t regard anyone lower than me in standard, I often  had issues with people because  I was considered a classist, which I didn’t shy away from. I never  tried to deny that fact. I was a proud classist.

There was a night, I came in from work, He got a call from someone and immediately left in a hurry. Richard didn’t come home that night. His mum hurriedly left the following morning. I went to work. For about 3weeks his mother was away till I heard she’d left the States and  Richard had no explanation for me as to  where he was that night and couldn’t answer to the question regarding where my  mother-in-law was. This was already four years into our marriage. My relationship with my husband had gone sour. He stopped eating my food. He claimed I was a horrible cook and a sandwich wife. I thought of filing for a divorce, which my parents supported. The bliss was gone. One night again, He rushed out of bed and headed out towards his car, I ran after him out of rage.

“Richard, where are you off to? Who is this strange caller who calls you anytime and you leave without any explanations to me.”

“How is it your business where I go? ” He fired back at me…

” I deserve to know Richard, mama left the States and I had no clue…”

I held on to his shirt. He landed a slap on my face and pushed me off. He dragged me into the house and hit me badly. ” I rushed to the telephone to call 911 but he snatched it and broke it in to pieces. In my mind it was the end. I wanted to shout but something held me back. I put a call through to work and told them I wasn’t fit for my call. I was a dedicated doctor, I never gave excuses, so it was considered and I had a week off.

Tracy was my friend. She came over later and took me to her apartment.She wanted me to report Richard but I insisted on not and she respected my opinion. I was with Tracy for three nights. Richard never called to ask my whereabouts. It was not strange, it would have been strange if he had called. I went back to the house and it was the last I saw of him in our home. Nothing belonging to Richard was left in that house. I was miserable.  I took a long time of work and I travelled back home. I, being the only girl of the family and the last had no one except my parents  and my brothers to lean on. My brothers were married already. It was the first time our family would have a real shaking and it was my marriage.

Two weeks after my arrival from the United States, I took one of Dad’s car and I drove out of the compound. It was around 10am in the morning, I kept driving until I drove myself into a ditch. I woke up in the hospital bed. There he was, tall, dark and handsome. He held my hand and with the other hand, he packed my long hair to one side.

“Who are you?” That thing in me rose again….

“Calm down Ms, let me get the doctor.”

” I am also a doctor” I yelled, then I felt a sharp pain in my forehead…..  “Ooops…”

“You can’t treat yourself Ms, let me get the doctor”

He left… I was discharged from the hospital later that night and my family thanked Akoni for his kindness. Two days later, I got a call from the security apartment that I had a guest. A guest, I though, every guest had an appointment to enter our home. I wasn’t expecting anyone.

“What’s the name?”

Akoni, I heard. He told me I also had a packed from a postman. I summoned him in. I didn’t want to see Akoni. It was enough that he helped me. That visit would actually put him in his place far away from me, so I thought as I got ready to meet him and to pick up the package that arrived.

To be continued…

Copyright: Bukky Adediran 2017


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