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Adun (part 2) | story by Bukky Adediran

Read the previous episode here.

The plan I had for Akoni didn’t work out as I thought. By the time I entered the visitor’s chambers, he was already seated. He looked up as I approached and there was this radiance I saw in his face that distorted my intentions to ward him off. I sat, quietly, directly opposite his chair and our security official handed me the package.

Placing it on the table beside me, I stretched my hand towards him, quite unlike me. “Good morning and once again I like to thank you…”

He cut in…”Not again Ms, you have thanked me enough”

“Aright then. Please call me Dr. Tola”

“It’s nice to formally meet to you Doctor. As you already know, my name is Akoni and I am an Agriculturist, I specialise in crop and animal production.”

“Really… sounds interesting but I have a question for you. ” I called on the kitchen for drinks to be served and we continued. All along my package was right there beside me and I had no clue what was in.

“Why the name Akoni? Please pardon my manners”

He smiled. His smile was quite electrifying, the cologne he wore smelled so sweet. The first time I actually, to a very little degree, appreciated someone I considered not in my class of people was that day. I noticed a book in his hand. It was a Christian literature, seeing I had my eyes on it, he passed it on to me to have a look.

“My father gave me that name  before I was born. He told my mother, he knew I would be a strong and a brave man. He died in my mother’s arms after a brief illness. My mother was 8 months pregnant with me when the horrific
event happened”

“Oops…so sorry about that. That is a hard one.”

He looked at me and smiled…Something about that smile was captivating. The steward came in with  a tray of  two cups and a bottle of wine. Just then I realized I had to open  my package. He offered to turn the drinks and excused the steward.

I reached out to the sealed envelope and I opened. It was divorce papers from Richard’s lawyer. I held on to the document, stood up, sat down, stood up, sat down… Suddenly, Akoni snatched the papers from me. Till date I wonder where the strength for him to do that came. He held me and tried to calm me down. That was the end of our meeting. I wept bitterly in the arms of a stranger.

My parents had a meeting with his parents and we realized that they were in the know. They supported the idea. They claimed it was a fruitless union and their son had to move on. I truly loved Richard in spite of all that had happened.  My dreams were shattered. For the first time in life I had something to truly cry about. This was my third week off work outside the States. I had just three days to wrap up my stay and travel back to the States. I, Adetola Sharon actually picked up my cell phone and I put a call through to Akoni. I had no choice, I had keep all these issues away from my friends and neighbours who I knew would mock me. The world  I despised so passionately  would mock  me. He came from church that evening and we met in the compound of my father’s house.  We had a very long talk and I confided in Akoni that night.

That same night,  I gave my life to Jesus Christ.  The next day Akoni came in with two Bibles for me. The New King James Version and the New Living Translation version. He also gave me two Christian literature books and I commenced my  return to the United States.  For the very first time I allowed myself be driven in a rickety car  as Akoni was the one who drove me to the airport and he loaded me so much of encouragement words and there was this peace I had within me, in spite of all my troubles.  I had peace within me. It was a straight flight to Atlanta Georgia. I barely ate on the trip. I had my Bible close to my chest. I could only read a few Psalms.  I slept more on the trip.

We landed and Tracy was there to pick me up from the airport. She took me home and I met a scene of my life. I was welcomed by the cry of a baby.  Richard had all my things packed to one room. I was able to put it all together. She was in labour the night Richard ran off. She put to bed the next day. They already had a court wedding and the picture hung on the wall. I was barren. Richard expected me to shout, fight and raise alarm but I was calm. I remembered all Akoni told me. He told me to be brave no matter what. I said a prayer in my heart….Lord please help me. I sobbed.

I picked a few things I could with Tracy’s help. I didn’t want to fight. The woman in the home was calm, she gave me my space and when Richard came, he tried to explain but I told him there was no need. I assured Him that he would hear from his lawyer soon. The lady’s mother was in care of the baby. I looked at her, she tried to beckon on me with pity in her eyes but I refrained myself from giving in. Tracy and I left and by the third visit, I had all my things out of our home.

Hmmmm…. Adetola, the sleek, charming, classy Doctor was treated like a piece trash. I ruminated over my life, right from my childhood, I realized the great mistakes my parents made in parenting. I wondered why my brothers had no problems… I felt they had their own issues too but because they were men, it wasn’t too obvious. Their wives had serious problems to manage. After few weeks in Tracy’s apartment, I got a new place. I found a
place of worship and the Lord began to groom me. I didn’t get in touch with Akoni until after two months. It was a deliberate act. When I did he was happy to hear from me and I told him everything that had happened. We got close over the months.

A year after then, I was completely over Richard. I had moved on. I felt like visiting home but I didn’t want to stay off work too soon again. Why did I want to go? There was only one reason. I had grown fond of him and vise versa.  I wondered why at 40 he was still single. He told me it was not a story he would share on phone. It was now going to a year and a half  my parents came over to see me and they were already trying to arrange for me another man.

“Never….It won’t work mum. If this is why you and Dad came all the way to see me, I am sorry to announce to you that it is a fruitless and a wasted journey.”

“Adetola! Listen to me, I am your father.”

“No Dad, I listened to both of you for good 30 years of my life and see where it landed me. Oh….no….not any more . Now I listen to JESUS CHRIST THE AUTHOR AND THE FINISHER OF MY FAITH…HE IS THE WAY AND THE TRUTH…. MY LORD AND MY LIGHT”

My parents thought I was mad. My father left angrily and my mother had no choice than to leave with him to their hotel. They flew back two weeks after the event. I was resolute,  my decision was final. The only reason I wanted to visit home was him. Akoni and I later decided that he should visit the States. I initiated the plans and sent an invitation letter for visa processing…

Four months down the line, Akoni was granted visa in to the USA. I was so happy that I made hotel reservations for him and booked a return ticket for his trip. It was a Sunday evening  Tracy and I went to the airport to pick Akoni up.

Read the previous episode of this story here.

To be continued.  Please watch out for the conclusion of this story.

Copyright: Bukky Adediran 2017


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