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Are husbands really scarce? By YakekponoAbasi Adams

Scarce is defined as ‘uncommon, rare and difficult to find’.

We live in a society where pressure is put on a woman as soon as she clocks twenty-five years of age (sometimes, even less). She becomes desperate and is made a laughing stock. This is as a result of the cliché, husbands are scarce, which I interpret as men as scarce. Afterall, are men not husbands-to-be? Right.

Well, I’m not good with numbers, so I don’t know if women are more populated than men in the world. However, that is not my problem and it really shouldn’t be yours. Atleast, not while you are reading this article. Or what do you think?

I met a guy who passionately narrated a story about a girl he was dying for (atleast, those were his words), who refused to comply. So, he told her she was stupid and that husbands are rare. He even coined the phrase “Men Inflation”. My goodness! I was speechless.

Husbands are scarce. Really? Honestly, it’s a line that amuses me. Moreover, I have vehemently refused to accept it and never will I. Is this why three or more women get married to the same man?

How many men do we see in prayer houses with pictures of women they want to marry at all cost? Anxiety changes nothing. What will be will be. What will not be will not be. There is a man for every woman (Gen. 2 : 25 – Therefore shall man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh).

Due to harsh economic conditions, at 30, some guys are yet to be employed, and I mean their first job. The few lucky ones whom I love to refer to as ‘ready-made men’ become scarce commodities(excuse me to say).

I want you to understand me. We want to get married, yes. In my own opinion, husbands are not scarce. Men who are ready to settle down and marry a woman; these men are scarce. A man whom you can call your own, lean on, cater for your needs and love you.

Come to think of it, why should you be dependent on a man to provide you with your daily bread? You make a man feel too important when you are lazy. He buys your love and your freedom. You dare not speak about how you truely feel, lest he strips you of your means of livelihood. Use your brain and hands to make a living. Be dependent. Let him see that he is there only to support you. Keep your mind busy.

I’m not saying a woman should not look for a man to marry her. What I’m saying is don’t be desperate. Take your time. Marriage is not a playground. Don’t try to hook a man with pregnancy, hoping that he will marry you. Don’t try to make him marry you with all means. Come on, you are better than that.

Many girls chase after one ‘ready-made man’. This gives rise to the perception that men are scarce. I know no one wants to suffer. But please, let’s respect ourselves. Don’t sit and wait for a man to tickle your ears with lies. Women love deception, yes. It started with Eve and it hasn’t stopped since then. May God help us.

This one goes out to all the unmarried women out there. Put your trust in God. At the appointed time, you will get married. Keep on praying. God will see you through. Don’t through morality to the dogs, and call it enjoyment. It’s high time we stopped this pun called Husband Scarcity. It’s unbelievable!


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