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Mohcoleth 1 – Hell’s Roulette (EPISODE 6) by Evan Promise

Read the previous episode here.

Sargatanas resumed his human form, and Steve was soon back to his human nature too.


“That was really impressive. Even Mohcoleth himself wasn’t robed in such glamour.” He exclaimed excitedly.

“You have potentials boy! The council can do with a being like you.” He added.

“What or who is Mohcoleth? The last creature I fought with called me that, just before attacking me.” Steve asked, moving back to rest on the wall.

“He was a Nephilim too…of the line of Asmodeus, king of demons. He was too amibitious right from the onset, and it worked for him initially when he got his powers in A.D 843 during the beginning of the heaven cycles, until he tried to kill his ancestor Asmodeus, and the council asked me to banish him from existence.” He replied.

“His original name was Savragene. Asmodeus gave him the name Mohcoleth when he found out his transformation made him immortal. He was really fond of him, allowing him to manage the gambling houses and tag along with him to every council meeting. It was with great sadness of heart that he gave his consent for the council to obliterate him.” He added.

“So you’re saying he was the first of my kind?” Steve asked obviously perplexed.

“You do seem to be a better version of him, and your glow is much brighter and glorious than his… but yeah, he walked this path before you.” Sargatanas answered.

“Boy… I don’t think wiping you out from existence is the best option, so I’m changing my mind. But you’ll have to align with us…there’s no other option. You also need to meet with your ancestor… I think he has something for you.” He added.

“Is there like any documentation or chronicle of his…I mean…Savragene’s life and activities? I need to understand what I am.” Steve quipped, more interested in the story he was told than in the decision that followed it.

“Well… I think Asmodeus’ diary contained something like that. He was so broken after everything that he kept away from everyone. He should also have some of his personal effects kept somewhere safe. But it won’t be easy to get to them. I advise you should forget about them. It’s not worth the risk.” Sargatanas answered.

“What risk?”


Sargatanas turned to look at him, having been reclining on the chair for long.

“The trick is to get Asmodeus to actually give you audience. For that, you’ll need to play Hell’s Roulette and survive before you’ll be ushered into his presence. The chances of surviving is one in fifteen, and it’s not just death…you’ll be wiped out of existence if you don’t survive. No one has ever survived it. Trust me…you don’t want to play this game. “

Steve moved to sit down on the wooden chair just behind the door. He checked the time, it was few minutes past 9pm.

“The thing is…I need to know what I’m dealing. I need to know who I am, and my relevance. I need to find and define my purpose. I’ve gone through every possible book both here and in Jade and I haven’t come across even the littlest bit of information related to my case. This is the first and probably the only chance for me to get every info I need…I think it’s worth the risk.” Steve replied, sighing deeply.


Sargatanas laughed hysterically.

“I like you, boy. You’re really funny. I’ll contact you again in two days time. You should make up your mind on what you really want before then.” He declared, vanishing into thin air without giving Steve a chance to reply or ask  questions.

Steve sighed again, picked up his overall beside him, and headed for the exit, the day needing to be brought to an end.




“What happened?” Tess asked immediately on opening the door.

Steve managed to drag his feet into the apartment, and fell into her arms.

“Just hug me first…I need it. I’ll answer your questions later.” Steve managed to mumble, still holding unto her.

They held on to each other for two minutes, Tess managing to close the door and drag him to the bed.

“I knew something was definitely wrong when you left like that without any warning. Start talking immediately or I’ll beat you up. What happened?” Tess asked, after disentangling herself from Steve and pushing him onto the bed. She reached for a small plastic stick on the bed and brought it closer towards her.

Steve looked at her and laughed dryly.

“Don’t even think of it at all, talk more of attempting it…if you want to sleep this night.” Steve replied finally, and went ahead to give her the details of what he discussed with Sargatanas.

“Whew! That’s really a lot to take in. No wonder you were behaving like someone who saw a ghost for the first time earlier.” Tess said in reply to his story after he was done.

“You blockhead…how can a ghost be scared of another ghost? Stupid frog.” Steve pinched her playfully.

“You’re not entirely a ghost, you give yourself way too much credit. But wait…did you just call me blockhead?” Tess asked, picking up a pillow.

“How can? Why would I call you blockhead? My baby is the smartest person in the world” Steve replied, picking a pillow too, and moving backwards a bit on the bed.

“I didn’t hear that very well. Say it again and louder.”

“You didn’t hear what? Did I say anything?” Steve replied, bursting into short fits of uncontrollable laughter.

The first hit landed on his back, followed by a second on his head, and poor Steve was still laughing, unable to defend himself. Tess made to hit him a third time, but before she could raise the pillow, Steve caught her hand in mid air, and dragged her down to the bed, smothering her face and mouth with kisses. This went on for half a minute, with Tess initially protesting and struggling to free herself, but later succumbing to the Force. Steve’s lips proceeded to explore other exciting areas of the succulent skin underneath, hovering for few seconds and making contact like a Touch-and-make circuit switch on each area.

Her moans reached a crescendo when his lips came to rest on the centre of her desire, both elements separated by a thin layer of fabric…The atmosphere in the room getting hotter by the minute as the libidinous god leered.


©️ Evan Promise 2017

Read previous episode here.


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