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Mohcoleth 1 – Hell’s Roulette (EPISODE 7) by Evan Promise

Read the previous episode here.

Steve read the message from Tess all over again.

“Baby… I purposely didn’t say anything on the story you told me yesterday cos I needed time to process it too. After thinking about it for long, I believe you have the right to know what exactly you are. You should go for it, if you think it’s what’s best for you. I’ll accept any decision you take on the matter. Xoxo”

He hoped it would bring relief to him, but all he could feel was this hollow feeling, like someone that had the essence of life sucked out of him. Thinking about everything Sargatanas told him was badly draining his mental strength and at a very fast rate. He had never felt so unsure of himself before. Here he was trying to understand his new self, only to find out he never knew his old self that much after all.

He checked the time. It was 11:59pm. He felt the warmth taking over…at incredible speed. Soon he found himself on the floor in an entirely different environment. He immediately stood up to stretch, knowing he had less than 2 hours remaining for him to be at the place.

He found his way to the verandah…the constant daylight seeping in through the windows.  He met his dad on his way and pulled a seat to join him where he was deep in thoughts. His dad noticing he wasn’t alone, opened his eyes to see him, and his face lit up in happiness…a feeling he tried so hard to suppress. The hint of happiness soon disappeared without trace when he noticed Steve wasn’t entirely happy to see him.

“My son…what ails you? You’ve never been like this before. What happened?” His dad asked him.

“I’m not fine, dad” Steve replied. “You and mum lied to me”

His dad looked straight at him for few minutes, sighed and faced downwards.

“Which lie exactly… I can’t remember much”

“Why are you and mum here instead of hell or heaven? From which tribe are we descended? You told me I had two sets of grands… I was told otherwise” Steve queried him, ignoring the slight sarcasm he detected in his question .

His father burst into laughter, leaving Steve dumbfounded and surprised.

“Who did you talk with? I’m very sure there are not much people left alive with access to such information.” His dad asked absent-mindedly, clearly not much interested in getting an answer, knowing his son won’t grant him that.

“Well… I believe you’ve heard about the Nephilims… or read about them somehow.” His dad started to explain. The first of our kind were products of relationships between the sons of God and the fair maidens of the earth… so you could say we’re directly linked to God… literally.” His dad looked at him for a reaction but continued on noticing nothing.

“We are of the line of Sathariel, the 17th watcher of the 20 leaders of the fallen 200.” He added.

“Yeah…Sargatanas said something about that.” Steve said in reply, nodding his head. “Tell me more about our tribe. Everything I know about the Nephilims, I got from outsiders.”

“Part of what makes us who we are, is that we’re known to be exceptional creatures… having abilities or powers no ordinary human being can ever dream of possessing. Historians, and most books claim the first of our kind were giants, but my father told me it wasn’t entirely true… the mistake was from historians who couldn’t find the exact English translation of the word used to describe the first Nephilims. We managed to survive the great flood, thanks to some of our brothers who created this realm Jade then, and hid us here till the waters receded. That’s how we got separated from the rest of creation, each of us having to come here after death.

When the first Nephilims came back to Nature after the waters receded, we met a different realm. Aside from the few humans who survived alongside us, Nature was very empty…our ancestors having deserted us right from the onset of the flood. We had to intermarry within ourselves and pen down our history ourselves in order to preserve our heritage. I think it’s what caused the whole giant confusion… every human record of the Nephilims in existence currently came after the flood, and so lack credibility.” He paused at this point, took a deep breath and continued.

“About me and your mum being siblings…that can be explained…” He paused again, looking at Steve for any hint of approval or disapproval before continuing.

“The Nephilims although a single one big tribe, has 20 subtribes…each made up of ten clans, one from each of the 200 fallen. Now, these 200 clans that make up the Nephilim family each have distinct and unique powers/attributes, and the first of our kind noticed that along the line and due to the cross marriages, most of these unique attributes were getting either mixed up or lost; so they had to come up with a plan to counter the impending confusion. It was decided that every generation of the lines of the watchers had to produce two pure siblings at least who must marry each other and keep the attributes of the subtribe pure and undefiled. This means that at every point in time, there’s at least one family from each subtribe who have 100% attributes of their clan. Your mother and I were among those selected by the clan. Father considered it an honour then and didn’t object. That’s just how it happened.” He finally brought his story to an end.

“We didn’t tell you because we didn’t know how you’d react to it. That’s also why we only brought just you into the world… your mum particularly didn’t want to have more children.” He added and turned fully to face Steve, anticipating his reply.

Steve stood up and paced up and down along the verandah weighing the information he got. Just when he decided it was time to reply his father, his body got lifted up and shone brightly and he found himself back in his room in Nature.

He sighed. In his desperation to know the truth, he had failed to notice his mum wasn’t around.

©️ Evan Promise 2017

Read the previous episode here.

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