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I will rise by Jurgen Namupira Troy

My fears were my strength

And hope was my courage.

When I ponder upon yesterday

It’s funny how failures disappeared

My gaze is focused on all discovered abilities

Elevation to the peak is my motivation

Although the amplitude seems impossible

One step at a time I’ll get there

Obstacles and trenches are obvious

My hope is a renewable resource

It never fades out

A look through the window

Gives me a romanticist feeling

Natural green and melodies draw me closer

The howl of the wolf tells me otherwise

But fear still is my strength I will go there.


A roof above my head

Does it even matter

My dreams are out there

Soaking in the rain

Shivering in the cold

Not going anywhere

Just waiting upon me

Waiting for the day I’ll stop dreaming

That day I’ll start working

The world says I won’t make it

And they are right

There is no need to make it

I just need to work it out


It is time now

Time I will rise

Rise above the failures

Rise before the sun does so

Procrastination is not an option

Delay is an enemy

Doubts are unnecessary feelings

Confidence is the pillar

And accomplishment is compulsory

That is why I will rise.


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