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Mohcoleth 1 – Hell’s Roulette (EPISODE 8) by Evan Promise

Read the previous episode here. 


After work, Steve headed towards his favorite bar. He needed to clear his head and continue working on his research – a personal project he began a month ago.  He was hoping to find a cure to his curse scientifically in the lab since his master was able to explain it using science. He dug into books regarding matter and antimatter and was able to find some facts he believed might be keys to discovering the cure to his immortality – one he believed involves reversing what happened to him.

He was still deep into reading a book he stumbled across earlier in the morning at the library when he felt a familiar vibe. He looked up and noticed it was quite dark outside… the bar about to come to life. A tall blonde lady walked into the bar, looked around like she was looking for someone, and walked up to him smiling…when their eyes met.


“Sargatanas” Steve greeted, finally recognizing the vibe. He tried not to look surprised.

“I hoped you won’t recognize me immediately, so I could have fun a liitle while” He…well…she replied in a disappointed voice, pulling out a seat opposite him.

“What are you doing here by the way… and have you thought about my offer” she quickly added, giving him a weird look.

“If you’re trying to be seductive…it’s not working. What are you doing here? This is not exactly a place for you?” Steve queried back, signaling a waitress to bring an extra glass.


Sargatanas laughed…throwing back her head, and drawing attention to their table. Steve pinched her to behave.

“I have few hours to remain here. I came for you…and to have little fun before I leave. Don’t mind the female appearance… I just wanted to know what it feels like to be a woman.”


Steve gave her a long searching look, and proceeded to pour drink for her when the waitress brought the extra glass.

“I’m trying to see if I can reverse what happened to me. These are some books I managed to get my hands on today. They are all full of theories though, but I’m hoping some of these theories might be just what I need.”


It was Sargatanas turn to stare at him for a while.

“Why do you want to reverse something that can potentially make you the most powerful being in the multiverse? Why would you even remotely think that reversing that might be the best thing for you?” She asked him.

“Well… I honestly don’t know what to do. It’s just as if my life is not mine anymore…like someone is somewhere playing with my life as if I’m a puppet. My life was pretty normal before all these. I hadn’t met Tess then, but I was hoping to fall in love someday and settle down. Now it’s just seems like I’m never going to be able to do that. I want to fully understand what I am… but I’ll also be looking for a way to reverse whatever happened to me. It’s best if I’m in control of my own life.” Steve answered with a little hint of sadness and determination in his voice.

“That’s quite impressive. I suggest you just chill a bit though. Figure out what you are, what you’re meant to do and how to go about it first. Everything can come later.

Quick advice though… you really should get rid of your girlfriend first, so she doesn’t get caught up in all this. You’re immortal, but she’s not…and sooner or later, someone is going to use her to get to you.” She gave him a prolonged searching look.

Steve shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

“You really should revert back to your male version…I’m no longer comfortable with this version of you. And Tess is my fiancée…not just my girlfriend.” Steve said, standing up to leave.

Sargatanas laughed, and stood up as well.

“I’m no longer comfortable in it as well. I just don’t know why you’re standing up like you know how to get to hell. At least be a gentleman and let me finish my drink first.” She said to him, picking up her glass and gulping the remaining content.


Steve was already on his way out, not exactly in the mood to listen to much vain talks any longer. He stopped just after exiting the bar and waited for Sargatanas who transformed on the way before getting to where he was.

“How do we do this? Where are we going from here and how do we go about it?” Steve asked immediately she (now him) got to where he was.

“I thought you knew where we were going and how to get there, seeing as you left me to run after you. You should continue leading the way” He replied with a smirk.

“I’m sorry. I just got tired of the place and needed to leave.” Steve apologized.

“You should get rid of that attitude. It’s going to get you wiped out of existence if you’re not careful. I’m not exactly this playful in my dominion…and the other superior spirits are no better. You also really should be scared of the three principal infernal spirits in case you come across them on your journey.” He said to Steve, grabbing his wrists as his voice climbed to a crescendo.


He immediately spinned Steve into a whirlwind that appeared with a snap of his fingers, not even allowing him enough time to process what was happening.

Steve found himself in a dark tunnel, with the only source of illumination being a dim green glow at the far end of the tunnel.

He started towards the light, running all the way. When he didn’t seem to be nearing the light after running till exhaustion, he dropped to his knees. While trying to figure out while he was abandoned by Sargatanas, he remembered what his master told him about things working differently on other realms. He got up to his feet and shut his eyes, willing himself to the light. He opened his eyes and found himself just before a green throne. He turned around to take in the environment quickly and found himself before the very green creature he fought earlier.


He was poised to enter defense mode but noticed he wasn’t transforming. It then occurred to him that he didn’t feel the vibe that was supposed to alert him of its presence. He relaxed almost immediately, just as the creature started to circle him with a sneer on its face.


©️ Evan Promise 2017


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