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Select Arts and Paintings Interiors for Home Interiors by Alok

Works of art! Is this only reserved to the upper class? It’s a stereotype to believe that art is only bought by the “rich people”. In fact, artworks can be very accessible and can “stick” to any design. Of course, if you are looking to purchase original artworks from well known artists, you will have to spend more than you think. However, several options are offered to you if you appreciate art but do not want to empty your wallet.

Why people spend considerable sums for pieces of furniture, beautiful rugs or any objects of decoration but they don’t even dare to pay for artworks that could bring a phenomenal change to their house? Do you have at least one artwork in your residence? If so, great! If not, you would have an advantage to learn more on this aspect of interior design. The artists are the representatives of our culture and because of them, our culture travel through time. It must be transmitted from generation to generation. You see? If we know so much about the ancient culture, it’s because we had artworks. They are so important that we devote museums for their exposures and we spend fortunes for their conservation. If we think about it, they must have something extraordinary. For this reason, you should devote a small place at home for them. I’m saying a small place to begin with because, I guaranteed soon enough, it will be everywhere in the house… even the bathroom!

Good news! It has never been that easy to find works of art for your taste. In a few moments, you can visit every world museums to discover the paintings that make you vibrate and then you can buy a cheap printed paper form, an oil reproduction or an original. On for example you can choose a topic ( flowers, portraits, landscapes, abstract) and start a collection with them. For example, if you are a music lover, you could expose scenes of music on canvas. You may prefer a technique or a specific painter or even a time in the history. The new artists can also offer works of quality with affordable prices if you like the texture of an original work. There are several ways to open out in the field of arts. Fortunately, it has a lot to offer. That can also be a good long-term investment and a beautiful heritage to be left for your children. Art is particularly made for the purpose to be given in heritage and cross generations.

If you would like to start in this field, I recommend that you read literature on this subject. You will have the chance to appreciate art in its right value by giving yourself the tools. The works of art are much more than a frame that will fill up an empty space on your wall. The artwork transmits emotions. The painters appear through their works and it’s because of masterpieces that we learned to know their authors better. There is a very great psychology behind artworks. It is interesting to know the reasons that pushed the artists to undertake and finish their works: Melancholy? Love? Jealousy?


If you have very specific tastes, you might want to work with an experienced painter who will be able to create the exact picture you have in mind….or almost.

Initially, make up your mind about what kind of budget you are looking for. In this way, you will be able to have a better idea of the artists you will be able to choose. Of course, higher the budget, better quality your work will be. Then, make a plan. What do you wish? Which technique? Which topic? Do you have any topic preferences? If you intend to expose your painting above your sofa, you must think of dimensions, your room design (modern, traditional, Asian) wall colors, pieces of furniture, accessories… That can appear complicated but the more your plan is detailed, the more faithful your artwork will be. Colors and Shapes can have alleviating or exciting effects. You must take it in consideration.

Your plan could look like this one:

“Oil-base painting with “hot” colors. Inspired by fires and sunsets.

I like the color “rusty”. I appreciate landscapes in movement .I like emotional scenes.

I love imaginary and mythical characters.

I want to expose the artwork in my living room at the top of my piano. ”

When your plan is finally done, you will be able to submit it to the painter and wait impatiently for the result. There are million of possible combinations; it is certain you will find one that will be perfectly made for you. You will find thousand of painters on http://ArtsCad.Com for example.

If you decide to find a work of art at an antique dealer, perhaps you will need assistance. You can address your questions to virtual companies that can help you if you provide a digital photograph via email. If you think of investing a good amount of money, you would have an interest to turn to a professional.

Works of art? Does that say to you now? As you could see it, it is very accessible and so evocative. Let your eyes guide you in this sublime adventure.



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