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Mocohleth 1 – Hell’s Roulette (Episode 11) by Evan Promise

Read the previous episode here. 


“Head for my court, son” It said.


An idea occurred to Steve at that point that the twenty doors might be those of the twenty watchers, and he headed straight for the seventeenth door, remembering that his ancestor was the seventeenth watcher.  He got to the front of the door and expected it to open on its own, but it didn’t. He put his hand to the door handle to open it himself, and got a sharp cut, staining the handle with his blood. He withdrew his hand immediately, but the door opened then by itself surprisingly…like his blood was sort of an ID confirmation.


He stepped into the court nonetheless, and immediately recognized it as one of the images that flooded his mind when Sathariel overwhelmed him earlier.

“Welcome Son” He heard his ancestor’s voice again. “You have every item here except my wings at your disposal. The wings will be yours once you agree to help the sons of God.”


Steve looked around the place, and saw many fetish-like objects. There was the shiny silvery sword with golden handle, the golden bible, the golden lamp, the golden stone that stood alone on a platform, the staff that had golden feathers attached to it at the bottom, the golden bow and arrows, the spear with shiny silvery head and golden shaft, and the golden wings themselves hung on a small throne, illuminating the whole court. Steve thought it wise to leave the stuff there, and seek Sargatanas’ advice before he did anything stupid. Just before he was about to will himself to Sargatanas court, he remembered something.

“You said Azariel has something for me too” He called out loud, looking about him. Just when he thought he wasn’t going to get a reply, the voice came back.

“Every help you need to find everything you need is already in your head, son. You just have to reach for it. Anytime you need me, think about me and state your request.” The voice trailed off.


Steve willed himself to Sargatanas court just as the latter was about to send another of his minions to look for him and his companion.

Steve went down on one knee and bowed.

“Where is Forael?” Sargatanas asked him immediately, uninterested in his greeting.

“They took him. It was my fault. He wanted to save me and got himself captured.” Steve replied in a broken voice.


Sargatanas rose from his throne, the spreading of his wings showing the extent of his anger. He paced about the court in deep thought, momentarily forgetting that Steve was still kneeling. He looked at Steve after a while and beckoned on him to get up.

“I sorta knew this was going to happen. The sons of God are never loyal.” Sargatanas sighed.

“You met your ancestor, I presume.” He turned to face Steve.

“Yes, we had a little chat.” Steve replied, and proceeded to tell him everything that happened during the little trip.


Sargatanas exhaled deeply and paced about the court in deep thought.

“I think he gave you the ability to be able to transform at will in other realms… you have to learn how to control it though.” He said out loud, after a short while of brooding, and moved to stand before Steve.

“That lamp should contain the Oil your ancestor took from David, which provides a strong wall around whosoever rubs it on, that can be used as a shield in combat. The sword, the spear, and the bow are the ones he used when he was still one of the Powers. The staff was Moses’…though I think the feathers are from his wings.” He added.

“What am I going to do with all of them, and how will I be able to move them across realms. I can’t move back to Nature with them.” Steve asked.

“Well… that’s where the Godstone – that golden stone you saw, comes in quite handy.” He answered, returning to his throne. “It’s the first version of The Philosopher Stone…specially crafted by God himself. Not only can it help turn any material to Gold, it can transcend across realms with unimaginable speed. With it, you can be able to race back here and grab anything you need within milliseconds. With enough concentration and mastery too, you can also teleport to other realms using it.”

“You know the best part?” He threw a rhetoric at Steve, his voice rising out of excitement. “Not only can you be able to teleport to other realms, you can be at two or more realms at the same time!” He answered without giving Steve time to reply.


He paused to let the message sink in, but when he noticed Steve was lost, he shrugged in resignation and sat down on the throne.

“Creating realmnants of yourself is one of the greatest powers one can have. You met one of mine…the one you met on earth. I can only have just two of me at any point in time, so I stay here and the other me does the moving around. With the Godstone, you can create as much as six  – one per realm, and through it, be able to channel the seven realms and draw unimaginable power from them. That requires real concentration and practice though.” He said in a very low voice.

“You said something about having a Master earlier… you should meet him, and get him to help you practice on your concentration and increase your mental power.” He added, waving him off.

“So I should take just the stone with me?” Steve asked, not yet ready to end the conversation.

“Protect it with your life. That might just be the greatest gift your ancestor gave you. I’m done with you, boy. You should go now.  I need to mourn my servant.” That was the signal the two beings standing guard behind Sargatanas needed in order to come alive, having been quiet throughout the entire length of time.


Steve got up from where he was sitting the whole time.

“How and when am I supposed to meet Asmodius. You promised to help me?” He asked, just as the giants came to drive him out.

“I never promised you anything boy. Even if I did, that was before I lost a loyal servant thanks to you. You can only ask so much from Sargatanas.”

“Everything you need and seek is in the temple of the sons of God. Enlist the help of your master anytime you feel you need help. Try to stay alive.”


Not minding his kicks and shouts of protests, the guards picked him up and dumped him in the darkness outside the court, closing the doors after them.


© ️Evan Promise 2017


Read the previous episode here.



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