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Read books by Dasharath Naik

Book reading is a habit dying rapidly.With the new TV channels launching everyday,children can’t discover the wonderland of books and the immense pleasure  it offers.

It is a good sign that more and more people are attracted towards Book Fairs organised here and there and there is a rising craze for buying books.


So sad unfortunate !


How about increasing children’s love for books,for reading….?


How about presenting them books of values,ethics and morality on their Birth Days ….or as rewards for everything good,noble and heroic they do in daily life…..?


How about making their texts more interesting and loving….?



Once the texts are dull and boring,they won’t go for reading books.

Take care….everybody

Let them get hooked on to books .


Please…Parents/Guardians !

You start reading books first .

Glancing over the pages of newspapers or sticking your eye balls to the TV screen is not enough…


Let them see that you are reading books…

Let them see that you are not watching your favourite serials or a film on TV. ..

Make the best use of your free time..Read books and instill in them the love for it.


With regards and love !



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