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It is high time by Dasharath Naik

Nature at risk for our ignorance

and blunder

Deforestation rampant erodes soil precious

Scanty rainfall leads to low harvest

Unusual drought and famine ferocious.


Exploiting limited resources non-stop

Indifference to it for our vested interests

Forgetting their great utility in life

Blindly we run after comfort and luxury.


Industrialization an issue at full swing

Urbanization too not far behind

Concrete jungle replacing natural

We prioritise at the cost of others.


Wild life today in absolute threat

For we encroach their land and habitat

Causing them trouble unlimited enough

They trespass ours with no way out.


Jungles we fire and smash as predators

Wild fire goes on spreading faster

Immense harm to life and species

We achieve thereby saddistic pleasure


Might is right we trust in foolishly

Innocence we love exploiting recklessly

We live and don’t let others live

Selfish we never bother about others


Air we pollute and water we poison

Trees we get cut and soil unfertile

Peace we mar and harmony we kill

Balance we imbalance at sweet will


We find pleasure watching wild in captivity

Defying age old natural system and setting

Making Mother Earth cry and bleed profusely

Heading towards deadly disaster  undoubtedly.


Beware of this blunder we commit

It is high time we corrected ourselves

Extinction is a must we can’t avoid

For we get our own legs hurt with sharp axe.


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