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Break the shackles by Dasharath Naik

Born free but in chains

Living a critical life

Devoid of bliss and mirth

Song and dance simply at bay

No vigour,like a scarecrow

Without purpose at hand

So poor meaningless existence


Shackles in all forms

Make you simply captives

Octopus like tentacles

Here,there and everywhere

Trapping you so tight

Hardly can you breathe

Sandwiched between

Reasons and whims

Reality and fantasy

You simply live to exist

And exist to live a dull life


How long to be in slumber

You must awake and arise

The sun already by your side

Penetrating through dark clouds

Shining brighter and brighter

The moonlight so soothing

The air refreshing a tired mind

The stream singing so sweetly

To make life magical;

Make it musically yours too

Be in harmony with nature

Live in its lap;love to go green


Get your soul purified

Be free from narrowness

That limits you and your world

Illusion carries no meaning Remember and realise it


Know youself to be a master

Listen to your conscience

Burn yourself like charcoal in fire Do undertake tasks

Fine tune your life so dull today

Break the shackles of vices

Winding snake like around neck

Quit self that you love so deeply


The world is so vast

The sky so high

The ocean so deep

And you have to venture out

Forgetting fear’s fangs

Walk further and further

Soar higher and higher

Dip deeper and deeper

A better world awaits you


Be an eagle in vision

A river in mission

A mountain in determination

Future needs you, dear;


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