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The most difficult thing by Hannah

I prayed to God that I desire more of a waiting spirit. More of the spirit that allows me to persevere.


One day I was trying to call someone and the network was so bad. It was urgent and the person was expecting the call too, I was sure. I was calling on whatsapp, the main line and sending messages but the network  will not allow it. Then I remember, “you want to learn to wait more”? So be patience, the call will go through but keep trying. I told my self this might sound little but it is part of the training. Just sit there and be Patience.


Are you laughing now?


So I waited and kept trying until I was able to get through.


It is the same with us. We want something and we want it now. I apply the word of God a lot because it is the only weapon I have, it’s principles work wonders in my life and it says “for the vision is yet for an appointed time,  though it tarry at the end it shall speak”. Wait for it.


Is there anything you are waiting on at this time?  I want to encourage you that at the end it shall speak, show resilience, have hope and faith.


Have a beautiful day…






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