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Garden of Forlorn by Innocent Paul Uchechukwu

Many years have into the past flee

Yet, the tale of Garden of Earthly Delights

Is still pinned onto my memory.

Rustic. Fluttering in the influence of slight

Tsunami of retrospection and misery

Conjured by desertions, before I took the way of a hermit.


Within the Garden of Forlorn

Do I pitch my tent

Without the territory of Iscariots

Million miles apart hostile compeers

And the horrific jail of fraudulency;

The tower of the eras’ society,

Wherein I served terms and bore scourges hopefully

Till it dawned that trust had rest in peace

Perhaps, in the bosom of the Eternal Sovereign.

Hence, I armored myself with a hermit’s garment

Myself my friend., Myself my entertainment.


But if forever this way I won’t remain

Take a rib from me, oh Lord Sovereign

To thou Foundry by sign or when I’m asleep

Make it a molten with the furnace of thy sort

And mould the being to sit by me

Not to lead me out of the Garden of Forlorn

As did mother of Earthlings in Eden farm

Nor in this Garden of Forlorn forlornly abide

But will merit this yard with magical presence

As the Phoenix., my Garden’s empress

While forever we remain an unyielding twine.


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